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Recognizing Greatness: Creative Ways to Reward Your Sports Team

If your kid is an athlete, it can feel wonderful to celebrate each victory. You can give out plenty of praise, feel genuine admiration, and brag to everyone you know. It is also fun to plan the best gift to give your kid to commemorate each victory. However, if your child excels at a team sport, it can be uncomfortable to celebrate only your little overachiever for victories that were team achievements. What about everyone else? They had a part in your kid’s successes too, and they all identify as a group.

If neither you nor your kid feels right about celebrating without remembering the entire team, nothing stops you from finding creative and affordable ways to spread the joy.

A good feeding is always a crowd pleaser 

Everyone appreciates food, especially 10-year-old athletes with insatiable appetites. A fancy restaurant would probably be too expensive (not to mention under-appreciated by 10-year-olds). It’s a much nicer idea to take everyone out for a pizza or, or even throw a backyard party with barbecue and potluck. Afterwards, you could screen a sporting movie that everyone is likely to appreciate.

Once you’re done with the entertainment, you can pass little presents around. Places like Ornament Shop are great for simple, yet thoughtful ideas.

Make them a trophy yourself

If you like crafts, you could consider designing a team trophy by yourself. You could even design it to be grander than the real thing. It wouldn’t be a bad idea making individual trophies, the way they do at big games. You could have an MVP award, an award for specific displays of virtuosity. It would be no surprise if pretty soon, you were to find that your awards turned into a parallel phenomenon.

Take everyone to a sports outing

When you have a bunch of active and enthusiastic kids, an outing is one of the easier ideas to go with. There are any number of activities that the kids will probably enjoy, such as go-carting, bowling or laser tag. You probably won’t even need to spend a lot if you go through one of the group sales websites like Groupon.

Show them how the big boys play

One of the best ways to encourage your little one’s interest in their sport of choice is to take them out to a serious local university or college match. You can round up a number of other interested parents, and everyone can point out the best moves to the children.

While no one’s likely to forget taking pictures, you don’t want to. It’s a good idea to have someone on hand whose sole job is to take those pictures to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can put it up on Facebook to commemorate the great time that you had.

Don’t forget what’s really important

You should remember that participation in sports is as much about improving as it is about winning; and part of that process is making mistakes, failing, dusting yourself off and trying again. If you feel that the team has tried hard, you should recognize it with one of these celebrations, too. It could turn out to be much more significant than any victorious revelry.

Melanie Berry is not only a working mom but she is a creative force when it comes to finding ways to get creative. She enjoys sharing her ideas with an online audience and is a regular writer for several different home and lifestyle websites.

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