Record Life Events

Record Life Events

I know it is popular to record life events not only to remember important dates but to have a piece of family history.  You don’t really think about preserving life moments in a book until someone can’t remember an important event or date.  When you are trying to recall an event is when you realize you should have written it down!  I actually started a journal in a composition book when each of my kids was small.  I was diligent about writing dates of first words, first steps, first lost tooth, etc. but I would usually forget about it and there were huge gaps from event to event.  In one of the journals, my son was saying his first word (mama of course) and the next entry I recorded was his 2nd birthday!  Yikes!

Journal 10 is a company dedicated to making it easy to record all the important dates in your life. The main area in the Journal 10 is the daily page which is divided into 11 sections for each day of the year.  You only need to jot down a few key words about how your feeling, if anything newsworthy happened on that date or an important event in your family.  The looking ahead section is perfect for setting goals for yourself as well as your family memories.  How fun is it to go back and see what goals you were able to reach during the year?  If you need more than a few lines to record something, you can use the carryover page which affords you more space.  Every important event either past or future can be recorded all in one handy book.

Keep Memories Alive

I think it is so important to keep memories alive for yourself as well as your family.  When I was asked to review the Journal 10 (retail value $44.95), I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  A journal is a journal, right?  Wrong!!  A Journal 10 journal is not like conventional journals.  My favorite feature of the Journal 10 is that ALL your important information is in one location.  Not only are you able to keep track of day to day activity or events but you also can put your address book information, birthdays and anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, car repairs and so much more.  You would not believe how well designed the Journal 10 is.  The Journal 10 can be used as a journal, planner, organizer, record keeper and address book.

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