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Recycled Tote Bags For Women From Maggie Bags Sweepstakes

Recycled Tote Bags For Women

I have two really good reasons to buy recycled tote bags for women.  First of all and the most important reason, is that I am doing my part to be environmentally responsible by using recycled materials.  The second reason is because I am all about carrying a bag that no one else has seen before.  It seems that some of the most unique products I have seen were from recycled materials.  What I love even more is when I see a product and I can’t quite put my finger on the material it is made from. When the light bulb goes on when I am told what the materials are, I bet you can see the cartoon bulb above my head flicker on!  The only thing that is more fun that my finding these unique products, is when I find them and am able to give them as a very personal and one of a kind gift.

This is going to be one of the most fun reviews I have been involved in and I am excited to tell you about my unique experience.  I heard about Maggie Bags from my daughter who had seen one of her friends carrying a purse from Maggie Bags.  I looked Maggie Bags up on the internet and low and behold, their base of operations is right here in Knoxville!  After emailing back and forth with Kerri Karel with Maggie Bags, we agreed it would be most logical if I picked up my bag that I would review instead of Kerri mailing it to me.  My family and I were able to tour the operations for Tennessee Webbing and Maggie Bags.  Remember I told you about the one of a kind and unusual bags?  Well, guess what you get when you combine products from Tennessee Webbing and combine them with a Maggie Bag design team?  You get a purse, tote, wallet and more made from repurposed seat belts!!  YAY!!  These are the coolest bags EVER!!  Can you stand it?!  Let me tell you a bit about these companies and where the idea for Maggie Bags started.

Unique Purses For Women

If you are looking for unique purses for women,  Maggie Bags is THE place for you.  Tennessee Webbing is the parent company for Maggie Bags.  Tennessee Webbing provides webbing for a variety of products including vehicle seat belts and a pliable net for the back of trucks.  Tennessee Webbing began operation in 1991 and Maggie Bags launched their patented design in 2009, and can be found in over 400 stores across Nation. Maggie Bags are assembled at a WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) factory in the Dominican Republic. To learn more, you can visit Tennessee Webbing and The Bed Net online for more information. Thankfully, the standards are so high for the manufacturing of seat belts, is that if there is one small defect found on one of the huge rolls of webbing, it is rejected.  When the webbing is rejected, there are two things that can be done with it.  Some companies may throw the defected materials in a dumpster or if you are Tennessee Webbing, you can just make a line of unique and stylish accessories!!  Kerri took us on a tour of the warehouse for Tennessee Webbing and Maggie bags and we had such a great time!  Kerri showed us the huge room where the webbing is stored, the docks where the webbing is transported, the workroom where the Maggie Bags are sorted and stacked and the prototype room where Kerri showed us several designs that may be the next Maggie Bag!  It was such a privilege to get a glimpse of items that very few people would be privy to!  We had such a great time meeting Kerri and the other hard working folks at Maggie Bags and Tennessee Webbing, as they were all quite friendly and accommodating.

Kerri generously offered a bag for Caitlin to choose for a book bag for school and she also allowed me to choose a purse for Chelsea.  Caitlin struggled to make a choice and after almost 45 minutes, she finally decided on the  Tote of Many Colors (TMC) ($55.00) in her school colors which are purple and gold.  For Chelsea, I wanted to choose something she could carry in many different settings as she is always on the go.  Kerri suggested the Campus Tote  ($85.00) in black and it is a perfect fit for Chelsea’s Birthday on August 4th.  I am terrible about keeping secrets and this was no exception.  I told Chelsea we had toured the operations where her birthday present was designed and she was stumped.  She asked if I went to a Unicorn Farm and I said yes!  We named the unicorn Juniper, but because Chelsea was getting the black Campus Tote, Caitlin named it the Monochromeacorn!! Yes, my children are quite creative!!  We had so much fun on our tour and we want to thank Kerri for being such a gracious and fun guide and for our exclusive Maggie Bags T-Shirts.  Chelsea will be shocked when she receives her Campus Tote in the mail on Saturday!!

One reader will win one bag in their choice of style and color (based on availability) from the Tote of Many Colors line ($55.00), the Campus Tote line ($85.00) or the Bucket Tote line ($85.00)

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