Relaxing Sound Machine For Sleep

Relaxing Sound Machine For Sleep

I have been researching to determine if a relaxing sound machine for sleep really works.  I bet you have been to the mall or the discount store and seen the displays with the different CD’s that play an assortment of sounds and music.  I have slept with a fan for so long; I don’t even remember when I didn’t!  It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, I still have that fan on or I can’t sleep.  When my daughter graduated from college a few years ago, I traveled to Virginia from Knoxville for the weekend.  When I was getting ready for bed that night, I realized I forgot my fan.  I swore I would never do that again as the next day was a blur of sleepy, gritty eyes trying to focus on the important event before me!  There is also a drawback to lugging a fan with you when you travel as it is a little bulky.  Another reason I wanted to look into a sound machine was because the fan gets dusty pretty quickly and who wants all that dust flying around the room waiting for you to breathe it in. GROSS!!

Sound Of Sleep is part of Adaptive Sound Technologies, which was started in 2008 by Sam Nicolino.  It was from personal experience that Sam wanted to develop a product that would help folks sleep soundly at night.  Sam knew how many people in the world were experiencing sleep issues and were taking medications to help them fall asleep.  Sam knew there needed to be an alternative to taking pills and with his background in Engineering and Music, he had the right stuff to develop a sleep machine.  With that, the Sound+Sleep machine was created and uses patented Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy technology.  This revolutionary machine offered 6 different relaxing sounds and with the Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy technology, if any background noise if detected, the machine adapts itself to block that noise out so you sleep undisturbed.

How To Sleep Through The Night Without Medication

I suffer from insomnia on a regular basis and I wanted to learn how to sleep through the night without medication.  I was taking Tylenol PM for years and after I built up a tolerance, I had to have a prescription for a low dosage sleeping pill.  I knew there had to be something out there that I could try that wasn’t addictive.  The SOUND+SLEEP nomad™ (ARV $149.95) is such a treasure!  This machine is smaller, so it is easy to travel with.  Here are some of the features of the Nomad:

  • 6 different sounds, including Ocean, Rainfall, Meadow, Brook, Waterfall, and White Noise
  • You can power the machine with the AC cord, USB or batteries.
  • You can use the Nomad to play music or movies from your smartphone, laptop, MP3 player or tablet.
  • Responds to unwanted noises within 1/10 of a second and adjusts the volume accordingly
  • Sleep timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes

I cannot tell you how awesome this little machine is!!  Although I have gotten Henry to sleep in his own bed, he is a light sleeper and will wake up if he hears sounds in the house.  If I open my door from my bedroom to go to the kitchen, the sound of the door opening will wake him up.  I ended up buying a fan for the kids but it is big and bulky and is a waste of electricity because it is one all night, even after they have fallen asleep.  He really loves the rainfall, which is ironic because whenever it rains, he gets very anxious because he fears a bad storm is coming and it just scares him so much.  I am hoping that by his liking the rainfall on the Nomad that when it rains outside, he may not be as troubled by it.  For myself, I really love the calming sounds of the ocean.  It really sounds like you are in a beach house with the waves rolling just outside your window!  We absolutely love our Nomad and will never be without it when we travel or when we are right here at home.  Thank you Sam!!

One reader will one SOUND+SLEEP nomad™ (ARV $149.99)


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  1. The SOUND+SLEEP nomad Travel Version would be ideal because it would work at home and when away from home.

  2. i sleep 7 hours a night but think maybe i wouldnt have weird dreams if i had a sleep machine nomad and set it on waterfalls,i would love it

  3. I like the Home & Away Bundle; SOUND+SLEEP for your Home, nomad for Travel – so I can have one for home and one for travel!

  4. Sleep and Sound..I have a serious sleeping disorder..I need a Fan in my room,but thats not working to good..This sounds Amazing!! Thank you for this chance to get a good night’s sleep!!

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