I am one of 6 children in a very loud and crazy family! If you got all the kids and my parents in one room, things could get really chaotic really quick! My mother was just one big ball of stress and it seemed it was ever present. Even at the age of 80, mom is still pretty feisty and is still in a state of perpetual stress. I think for my moms generation, there were not as many avenues to take to find stress relief. Today, you can take pills, get a massage, visit a therapist or any number of things. For me, I prefer a more natural approach to shake off the tension and anxiety of my day. With 2 active kids, a husband, a job and school, I can accumulate a bit of worry throughout my day! One area I have been researching for stress relief is aromatherapy, not only for me but for the kids. I think as a parent, we can forget how stressful being a kid can be. Caitlin is starting high school and I know how anxious that can make you. With the products from Hydrasoap, you can melt the stress of your day away.
Relieve Stress Naturally With Aromatherapy

Relieve Stress Naturally With Aromatherapy

I am one of those girls that love to take a long, hot and relaxing bath. But who am I kidding?! With a busy house, kids pounding on the bathroom door and my phone and computer beeping at me, who has time for that? With the clever products from Hydrasoap, you get a company that offers a product line to relieve stress naturally with aromatherapy. If you have not had the opportunity to try aromatherapy for relaxation, it is really great. With the amazing scents in the Hydrasoap line, you can just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let that icky stress roll down the shower drain!

I was sent a variety of products from Hydrasoap, which gave me a great peek into their wonderful products. I love bath and beauty products and it is a treat when I come across a company that sets themselves apart from the rest of the pack. With natural ingredients in their clever product line, snazzy packaging and a huge variety to choose from, Hydrasoap is a clear winner. I was sent:

  • Chill Pill: This is one product you need to use when you have some time to enjoy it. Each bag comes with 2 “servings”, which are made with almond oil and the delicious scent of Lemon Verbena, I could have stayed in the tub for hours! My husband and kids went to the pool and left me a few hours of uninterrupted me time. The first thing I did was grab my Chill Pill and get in a hot bath, light a few candles, put some tea bags on my eyes and I was in heaven. I was also sent the Mango Mango Chill Pill, which I plan to save for another rare time alone!
  •  Shower Burst: I received 2 of the gift boxes, which included: relax, clarity, refresh, healing was in one and the other contained the cold and flu, headache, hangover and stress buster. While the shower is going, you just open the packet and let the decadent aromatherapy scents ease whats ailing you!
  • Pulse Point Balm: This is one of my all time favorite products and it is something you will use often. One jar I received was the Cold & Flu and the other was the Hangover Buster. The Cold & Flu has lemon and eucalyptus, which has been used for hundreds of years in treating headache, asthma, respiratory infections and other illnesses. Just dab a bit on your wrists, behind your ears, temples and other pulse points. The natural essential oils will go to work in treating your symptoms naturally.
  • Bathtub Tea: I LOVE this product too! It is so original and imaginative. With natural lavender and grapefruit oils, you can soak in this relaxing bath and nothing bad from your day matters anymore!
  • Healing Shea Butter Soap: This is so incredibly delicious that you will not believe how soft your skin feels. You will not believe the lather this little sucker can work up! It makes your shower time all bubbly and fun!

If you are looking for a product line that will change the way you take a bath and shower, Hydrasoap is definitely it! Because the products are so different and the packaging is so appealing, they make the perfect gift for showers (hee hee), birthday, stocking stuffers or Mother’s Day. You can purchase the Hydrasoap products from their website, which I might add are very affordable. The prices for the items I received (in order of appearance) are $8.00, $4.50 each, $8.00, $4.50 and $8.00

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