relieving cold and flu symptoms

Seriously! It never fails. The holidays come and I get sick. I will stay healthy all year long, but as soon as Thanksgiving or Christmas comes, I get runny nose, sore throat, coughing sneezing want to go back to bed curl up and die sick. Of course, this year at Thanksgiving was no different. Thanks goodness this time I was prepared. I knew I would get sick around the Holidays as it is always inevitable every single year, so I was armed with Contac Cold and Flu. (today is actually Thanksgiving when I write this and I slept pretty good last night thanks to the nighttime cold meds, and this am I feel half-normal after I took the day meds.) We all know life will not stop just because Mommy is sick. As a matter of fact, half the household is sick right along with me and needs care too.

Relieving Cold And Flu Symptoms

With the freezing winter coming in to stay for a few months, a medicine to relieve cold and flu symptoms are important. With the changing of seasons from one extreme to another, it is no surprise that colds are here in full effect. It seems as though everyone is falling like sick dominoes. But, the cold and flue are no match for what Winter has in store for all of those sinuses. One medicine that can help win the battle against sicknesses is Contac Cold + Flu Day & Night. It will help fight those nasty symptoms and having even the yuckiest bounce back to their normal selves. The dual action fighting partners for Day and Night help relieve cold and flu symptoms fast.

The day formula helps in the battle of relieving nasal congestion. That will also help lessen that annoying sinus pressure where nothing can come in or go out and clearing that awful stuffy nose! Some other great symptoms that will shortly become defeated or sore throats, fevers, pesky headaches and body aches. The maximum strength formula provides non-drowsy relief allowing a full day of play time and feeling great! Another hero comes along at night to even protect the little sleeping heads. The night time formula! This will continue to sooth symptoms while sleeping to lead to a solid night’s rest. The multi-symptom night formula also fights back those yucky symptoms by providing relief of nasal congestion, the constant runny/stuffy nose war, and help lighten the sinus pressure. Sore throats, fevers and body aches are continued to feel better. These amazing formulas work their magic at the highest possible level without requiring a prescription for only $8.50 (16 day & 12 night) at retail price. There is no wonder why Contac Cold + Flu Day & Night has been trusted by generations for over 50 years. Grab this great product as a new stocking stuffer this year! Tell me – Which cold symptom bothers you the most? Then enter the GT form below to win the Contac Assets package pictured above – over a $50 value.

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  1. Coughing!! I cant take it. When I cough it is like a full body convulsing shake the house cough and usually near the end of the cold my ribs hurt so much that i want to die. Yah I really despise being sick

  2. Having a stuffy runny nose and not being able to sleep because of it is the worst part of a cold for me.

  3. Having a stuffy runny nose and not being able to sleep because of it is the worst part of a cold for me.

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