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Remaking Five Classic Cartoons For Kids Today #StreamTeam

Are you looking for animated entertainment ideas for your children? Remakes of classic cartoons for kids are everywhere on Netflix this month, and I’ve found a few of my favorites from childhood coming back with new stories from familiar worlds. It can create a shared experience, and something for you both to remember as they grow up.

5 Classic Cartoons For Kids

  1. Danger Mouse: Many people will point to Danger Mouse as an example of reckless behavior, and it is fair to say that for the average person or rodent they would be correct. The amount of preparation needed to be the world’s greatest spy like Danger Mouse is not something that the average person undertakes. Even professional translators stop learning languages when they get into double digits, and the smallest part of your body which can support your weight is undoubtedly larger than your finger.
  2. Inspector Gadget: A young girl’s incredible technological proficiency repeatedly saves her bumbling uncle. It’s a great lesson for youth from every generation, and one they cleverly pick up on underneath story lines consistently focused on the titular character. Strong female lead was ahead of its time.
  3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A six season arc covers the ground between Episode I and II, and is the headwaters of a raging river of content rushing to fill in the gaps in between the six ubiquitous islands (not equally favored by tourists) and the three impending volcanoes which will be erupting in winter every couple years. Don’t fall behind.
  4. The Smurfs 2: Gargamel was just trying to make some gold out of scrap metal. It has been tried again and again ever since they found out gold was rare and hard to destroy. Smurfs were (and are) the rare ingredient to Gargamel’s formula. Yes, his motivations have become increasingly personal over time, but it is important to remember he was originally just trying to pay the bills. In Smurfs 2, he’s upgraded his technology to create Smurfalikes, used to infiltrate the Smurfs. Yes, the creation of Smurfette was a result of this exact plan, and it backfired. Maybe this time it will work out.
  5. Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated: An unusually large number of scheming neighbors has forced our intrepid band of sleuths back to their home town to clean things up. Their success rate is excellent, and they have been closing about a case a week forever. The crime wave has not slowed, but it is comforting knowing they are out there. There is hope for a future where theme parks, old spooky paintings and haunted estates can be safely passed on from parent to lightly taxed inheritance recipients as they should be.

What remade cartoon are you looking forward to sharing with your family?

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