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Removable Wall Stickers For Kids From My Wonderful Walls

Removable Wall Stickers For Kids

I have a new fetish and it is ok to tell you it is removable wall stickers for kids rooms. These things are AH-Mazing! Why didn’t someone think of these beauties before now? Ok, technically there have been wall stickers since I was a child (and I am currently 107, so that was a lonnnngggg time ago!). The problem with the stickers they had when I was young is they were not intended for walls, although at one time or another there were moms everywhere cursing the inventor of those tenacious buggers! My kids went through a sticker phase not too long ago and they were EVERYWHERE! Henry had them on his TV, PlayStation, books, walls, and oh yes..wait for it..the cat! (no wonder she runs from him!!). Had I known about the removable stickers, I would have saved a few hundred dollars on Goo Gone!

Michael Goins is a graphic artist, who lives in Chattanooga, TN (Hello from Knoxville!!) with his wife and children. Michael was hand painting a mural in his son’s room when he was inspired to start a company that would provide parents an easy to use wall stencil kit. From there My Wonderful Walls was born and has been growing steadily ever since. I love the fact that although the company is expanding more each day, Michael and Stephanie have kept the grass roots feel to their operation. If you call the office, you will probably speak to Michael or Stephanie themselves! They have hired new artists to help keep up with the growing demand of their customers as well as providing customers with fresh and new artistic perspectives. You are only as good as the people you hire and if the art shown in the My Wonderful Walls collections is any indication, they have hired some awesome artists!

Wall Art For Childrens Rooms

There is nothing more fun than to brighten up a space with wall art for childrens rooms. I love the bright and playful designs My Wonderful Walls has to offer. One thing about the decals from My Wonderful Walls is they have a different look than any others I have seen. Instead of the slick wall decals I have seen, these look like old parchment paper. It is hard to explain, but it gives the room almost a calming feel to it. The theme we chose was the Princess theme (retail value $149.99) and it comes with a TON of stickers in various colors and sizes! You also have the option to have your child’s name on the banner for an additional $10. What is cool is that if you get the same kit, your room will look completely different than mine! The decals are very easy to use, put on and if you are a goober like me, reposition a hundred times! These stickers are so strong that you couldn’t tear them if you tried! Once the stickers are in place and you step back, the decals look like wall murals that have been painted on; that is how seamless they fit in to your decor. I wanted to mention there was another unique aspect about the My Wonderful Walls kit we got and that is the choice between a fair or dark skinned princess! How thoughtful is that? I have never seen any other company offer that choice and it meant a lot to me.

My Wonderful Walls works with the T.C. Thompson’s Children’s Hospital, an urgent care facility here in Tennessee. I can attest that when you have been in and out of as many hospitals as my family has, it is a huge comfort to see the bright, colorful and happy decor in the rooms. It just soothes a child who is otherwise very scared and nervous about what awaits them. Michael and Stephanie works with the TCTCH monthly donating their time and canvas murals to make this great facility a friendly place for kids who are brought there.

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