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Review And Giveaway Kissaluvs AIO Cloth Diaper

For this review and giveaway, I will be using a new program, Rafflecopter. The only comments that will count are the ones through the Rafflecopter application.

When my Kissaluvs AOI chocolate diaper arrived, I was so impressed with the rich brown and the bright contrasted yellow. Mason will be in style this summer as he bee-pops around the house clad in his stylish, earth saving attire. Then, when I went to their website, I learned that not only are Kissaluvs stylish, but they are SELF WASHING! Not that they hop in the washer, but that the inner liner agitates out in the wash cleaning itself so no stuffing is involved. If you are a cloth-diapering momma, you know it is important to get the inner liner throughly washed as it can cause irritation from residue build up on your baby’s bum.

The next important factor many mommas ask is, “Will it leak?” My son is a SUPER soaker, and I have to say, I was quite pleased with the way this diaper held up not only through naptime, but as an all-nighter without an extra liner! The elastics were not too tight and did not leave any red marks on Mason’s legs, and the stay-dry fleece kept the moisture away from his skin. I am very pleased with my Kissaluv and will be adding more to my diaper repertoire.

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