I started vaping about a year ago.  During this last year, I have been looking and looking for a vaporizer pen that gives a great hit, lasts and is a good price.  I have been at the local vape shops and they all have the same story, their stuff is the best price, quality and they NEVER listen to you.  So I figured I would take my quest online.  I found company after company with high prices but nothing to back them up.

When I was about ready to throw in the towel, I found  I looked through their products.  What got me were the reviews and the prices.  So I figured I would give the 1100 Vaporizer pack a try.  I loved the fact that they gave you a strong battery and it wasn’t $50.00.  The tank holds a really going amount of juice and is a bottom fill!!!!  The pack even came with 2 additional coils and the charger.

I have had the kit for 6 months now.  The battery is still going strong! My tank is still working like day 1!  The only thing I have had to do is get more coils, which is expected.  But the coils seem to last a good 4 weeks, which is a record for me.  I was going through a coil a week with my other vaporizer.  The tank must have some kind of different seal on it.  There is no gurgling from their tanks.

I think I have found a vaporizer I am sticking with.  The next purchase will be a spare tank.  I want a backup because I have already dropped it once.  It didn’t break, thank god!  I also want a lanyard so that I am not carrying it in my pocket or purse.