You’ve had those times when everything seemed a little bit off – needing to be mentally sharp and ready to field all questions during a major work presentation, you find that you can’t verbalize the best answer; trying to relax and unwind after a productive day, only to find that your mind is still buzzing with the events of the day–or worrying about tomorrow.

The average person is probably aware of the existence of brain waves, and may have even heard about how different types of waves are conducive to maximum effectiveness for different activities. What is needed is a way to balance your brain waves so you don’t fall prey to an off-day that keeps you from standing above the crowd—or even getting a promotion.

Great opportunities only come along periodically in life, and it is always difficult to realize that you were at the plate with the bases loaded and never took the bat off your shoulder. Revolutioner offers a subscription service giving you access to the type of tonal and beat-based stimuli that will increase your recall, your ability to concentrate, and make sure you are functioning at your peak efficiency when you have an important assignment on the line.

Checking into you can get a brief overview of the various brainwaves and the important of each in making our days go the way we would like:

  • Gamma brainwaves take place at a high-frequency level and are generally associated with language, ideas, and learning.
  • Beta waves are those associated with the majority of time spent in our waking state. If you do not have enough beta wave activity it can lead to you being prone to ADD and depression.
  • Alpha waves usually bring to mind relaxed clarity, but can also go hand-in-hand with creativity.
  • Theta waves operate at the lowest frequency and can be associated with deep relaxation, peace of mind and unconscious problem solving.
  • Delta waves are the brainwaves associated with the lowest frequencies on the scale.  These are the type of brain waves being produced when you are in a very deep and dreamless sleep.  This class of brain waves is also that which produces physical healing and pain relief.

If any one type of these brain waves becomes significantly unbalanced, it can lead to anxiety, depression, a lack of focus and many other non-optimal conditions. It is important that the brain’s function be brought into balance. The process that Revolutioner uses to bring balance to this collection of mental waves is called “Brainwave Entrainment.”

To follow the program, every day a person using the Revolutioner system listens to a 12-minute soundtrack. These soundtrack selections have buried beats in the frequency which bring a renewed sense of clarity to the listener. If you are assiduous in following the Revolutioner program your mind becomes accustomed to responding to the direction contained in the recording, and gradually brings its wave function into balance.

While the term “Brainwave Entrainment” may be relatively new to history, its techniques have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  By focusing on a flickering candle, or by listening to a drum circle, a human mind can become synchronized to an ongoing rhythm.  The condition brought about through these methods is very similar to meditation.

By checking out the benefits page on the Revolutioner website you can view how the brainwave Entrainment method can be used beneficially to improve academic performance, achieve optimum performance in sports, and even aid with addiction.  Should you wish to delve further into the science of this brainwave influencing method you can follow-up with the articles on the Revolutioner studies page.