Nail Rock
I have been addicted to all things related to nail art for a while  now. I stalk Pinterest all the time looking for ideas for different patters, colors and techniques. I have also recently been interested in nail wraps because they are so easy to use. I also love that there are so many cool patterns that I probably would not be able to do on my own.

I may have an obsession about decorating my nails, but that does not mean I am talented enough to mimic what I found. I have recently found a company that makes a ton of cool patterns and techniques and they all comes in a kit with easy to follow directions. With Nail Rock, you get so many choices for your designs and each kit has what you need to have fabulous nails. With Nail Rock, you can get rockin’ nail art that is easy to do.

Rockin' Nail Art That Is Easy To Do

Rockin’ Nail Art That Is Easy To Do

If there is one thing I do not have a lot of is time. If I can find any products that can make my life easier, I already love them! When Caitlin was getting ready for her 8th grade prom, I wanted to do something special for her nails. When I received the 3 packs from Nail Rock, I knew exactly what we were going to do for her! Here is all you need to do to get your own rockin’ nail art:

  • 1. Gently push back your cuticle.
  • 2. Shape and file the edge of your nails.
  • 3. Remove any nail shine with a nail buffer.
  • 4. Using an acetone polish remover, clean your nails
  • 5. Look through the Nail Rock wraps and choose the one nearest to your cuticle size.
  • 6. Place your wrap at the cuticle edge and press down firmly on to your nail.
  • 7. If you find any bubbles or creases, just lift the wrap and stretch it back over your nail. Apply pressure and smooth again.
  • 8. Stretch  over the top edge of your nail and the wooden hoof stick (included in the kit) and tuck it under the edge.
  • 9. Taking a smooth nail file, remove excess wrap by running file under the nail.

I hope you can see how cute Caitlin’s nails turned out from the pictures. Of course, the orange magic marker just adds to the flair of the nails, right?! She said she got so many compliments on her nails from her friends at the dance. It does take a bit of patience and practice to get the nails to look like they do on the package, but the effort is worth it.