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Most Durable Leather Bag

With as destructive I can be with my work and travel bags I have been on a hunt for the most durable leather bag that can handle me. I take care of my things, but with all of the traveling that is involved with my job, durability and longevity is extremely important. I have purchased a handful of of “authentic leather” bags in my day and none of them seem to last more than a couple of years. I want one that will last me a lifetime. I am fortunately not alone because the owner of Saddleback Leather, Dave and his supportive wife Suzette, wanted to create the most durable leather bags that would last through generations. Over many years of traveling, lack of hot showers, and tons of dedication, he has created a top of the line leather bags and accessories that will put those “authentic leather” jokes to shame. One of my favorite items in their amazing collection is the Classic Briefcase. The hidden polyester reinforcing straps will surely help make it through any of my hectic traveling bag tosses. You can even turn the normal slingback briefcase look into a backpack in a few easy steps. If you are a non believer of having nice things last let me put a stop to that thought and let you know that Saddleback is so sure of their products they provide you with a 100 year warranty. Now go grab one of their fine looking products so you can see for yourself how authentic their leather really is!

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