Safe Headphones For Kids From Griffin Technologies Review

Safe Headphones

Safe Headphones For Kids

Safe Headphones For Kids

The kids each got an mp3 player for Christmas and I wanted safe headphones for kids to go with them.  I have always listened to my music really loud and it never occurred to me it may not have been such a smart thing to do.  When I was in nursing school, I would sit in the hallway before a test and cram for a bit.  The volume was so loud that more than once someone would try to talk to me and I wouldn’t hear them (well, isn’t that the point?!).  I am an adult and can go deaf if I want to, but that is not the greatest idea when it comes to my kids.  While searching for safe headphones, I was introduced to Griffin Technology who has been designing and manufacturing accessories for personal computers and digital media since 1992.

In the past 20 years, Griffin has grown by leaps and bounds until becoming one of the most respected companies in the technology industry.  The goal of Griffin Technology is to provide the best equipment to compliment your computer, smart phone, mp3 player, stereo, TV and musical instruments.  Recently Griffin has been involved with groundbreaking technology in the wireless sound arena.  They are known not only in the USA but also in Europe and Asia in major retailers throughout those territories.

Volume Control For Ear Buds

Until I bought the kids their mp3 players, I really wasn’t aware you could buy volume control ear buds.  Don’t confuse this volume control with the control you can turn the volume up or down.  The volume control we are talking about in this review is the cap on volume that cannot be made any louder.  The way the mechanism works, is there is built in sound control that peaks at a safe decibel level. From there, the listener does not have the ability to turn up the volume, no matter how hard they try.  I was asked to review the MyPhones and they were generous enough to send each of the kids and over the head phones, as my kids won’t wear the ear buds, which I prefer for myself.  Griffin Technology has partnered with the Crayola company in developing a series of over the head ear phones (retail value $24.99) and ear buds (retail value $14.99).  Crayola MyPhones are a genius product that can limit volume, is adjustable and is sized for kids.  The MyPhones are compatible with most popular phones, mp3 players and computers on the market.  the Myphones also come with cute stickers so your child can personalize their MyPhones.  Trust me, the Crayola MyPhones are a blessing considering my 13 year old who thinks she is always in control, cannot be in control here!  Thank goodness for the smart thinking staff at Griffin Technology for keeping our babies safe!