People who tend to travel a lot don’t have the time, or the energy to take care of repair, replacement, or routine maintenance of their home systems and appliances. Nowadays, travel is an increasingly important component of personal and work life in the US. The Bureau of Labor stats reveals that the average annual travel expenditures of household income amounts to $3,718 for the top 20% of people, and $415 for the lowest 20% of people.

An astounding 44% of annual household expenditure is spent on transportation, 23% on food and beverages, 23% on lodging, and 10% on entertainment. Travel is ingrained in the US psyche and this begs the questions: How can homeowners protect their home systems and appliances while they’re away? How can budgets be protected to allow people to enjoy a travel and tourism lifestyle without being tied down to expensive repairs. Fortunately, credible home warranty providers can automatically provide the necessary safeguards to allow hassle free travel and tourism – for work or pleasure.

Why Do So Many Americans Travel So Much?

The irony is that Americans tend to have fewer passports per capita than European nationals. However, domestic travel is high on the agenda of the average US citizen. According to the US Dept of State, only 119 million + valid US passports exist, totalling just 37% of the population. What is more common in the US is domestic travel. Americans love to travel to nature parks, RV parks, and on cross-country trips. The sheer size of the country is the #1 reason many folks prefer to stay in-state or travel to neighboring states as opposed to international travel. The most popular tourist havens in the US are New York, Texas, California and Florida.

Is Traveling Going to ‘Endanger’ the Systems in Your Home?

Home systems and appliances cover multiple elements such as garage motors, insinkerators, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and the like. Travel and tourism vary from one state to the next. For example, people who live in the sunshine state will do well to contact local providers here in Florida to get competitive and comprehensive coverage on home warranty plans.  Floridians tend to spend a lot of time away from home so coverage is essential to be able to live a peripatetic lifestyle.


There is so much sightseeing to do that staying indoors is simply not an option. However, it can become difficult to maintain home systems and appliances that suddenly stop working if you’re away from home and you’re unable to manage the repair or maintenance work and costs. An increasing number of homeowners who travel a lot are putting their trust into reputable home warranty companies like Choice Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, Select Home Warranty, Advanced Home Warranty, First American Home Warranty and Old Republic Home Protection.

A Call Covers Takes Care of System Malfunctions

Traveling may be needed for work, or as a way of life. In any event, this type of travel-lifestyle will make it difficult to take care of the repair, replacement and maintenance of home systems and appliances in the absence of home warranty services. The leading home warranty providers can offer coverage in the region of $300 – $500+ per annum and many systems and appliances are covered with standard plans. Home owners needn’t worry about their lifestyle choices and maintaining their electro-mechanical systems. A trusted home warranty company takes care of everything so the that the only a phone call is needed when appliances go on the blink. This saves you time and money, allowing you to live a lifestyle of travel and leisure while the home warranty companies ensure that it’s all systems go!