Salon Hair Blowout At Home

I have kept my hair fairly short for many years. I love to be able to wash my hair, let it air dry and I am ready to go. If I am going to a meeting or out with friends, I will use the flat iron to give my hair a sleeker look. Caitlin kept her hair short for a long time but has been growing it out for a few years now. She finally has her hair pretty long and because she is in high school, she has found she needs to do more than throw it in a ponytail every day. Because we both have had short hair for so long, we were not sure how to properly blow out our hair like they do in the salon. I thought I would share the tips I found that will give you a professional blow out like a pro!

7 Steps To A Salon Blowout Pin

7 Steps To A Salon Blowout

  1. Washing: When you wash your hair, be sure to use a good shampoo with moisturizer. This will prepare your hair for the heat of the blow dryer and protect it from damage. When you towel dry your hair, be sure to pat it dry and not to rub it, which causes frizzy hair.step1
  2. Product: The first step in getting that perfect blow out is to apply the right product to your hair. Less is better and putting it on properly is also key. Read the directions as some products are put on wet hair and some on dry.step2
  3. Rough Dry: You can eliminate 75% of excess moisture from your hair by rough drying it first. Just use your fingers and a medium setting on your dryer and tousle small sections of your hair.
  4. The Brush: Using the right brush is key in getting the perfect salon hair blowout. We love our Elliptic brush from Kellie Little. This multi-functional brush not only gives you the perfect blowout, but it also will massage, straighten, smooth, shine, polish, volumize and style your hair.step4
  5. Sectioning: You will want to grab a few alligator clips or ponytail holders and dry 3-4” sections of your hair at a time. You want to start with the front and the top of the hair and work your way back and down.Step5
  6. Use Proper Form: When you take each section, hold the brush perpendicular to your head and begin drying your hair. Using a downward motion, gently roll the brush under at the ends and repeat until dry. Move through each section until your hair is dry.step6
  7. Style Your Hair:  Using your styling tools like your flat iron, curlers, etc., style your hair. Be sure to use a nice finishing spray to keep your style looking great.

It is rare when you can find a tool for your beauty regime that knocks it out of the park. That is exactly how I felt the first time I used the Elliptic brush from Kellie Little. First of all, this is a really good looking brush! It has a look of elegance and strength that says “I am a tough cookie and I am here to make your hair look fantastic, so do not let my good looks fool you!” The ergonomically shaped handle contours to your hand and fits like a dream, giving you the control you need. This is a brush you would see your stylist using in a salon, but you get to have that high quality product right in your home.

You know the Elliptic brush means business from the moment it touches your scalp and hair. It gives your scalp a lovely massage, leaving it tingling and energized and ready for a good blow out. The bristles are a combination of boar and ionic and anti-bacterial synthetic materials. It is able to handle Caitlin’s uber thick hair with ease and is comfortable enough to use for a lengthy drying session. Caitlin has a super tender scalp and most brushed tend to pull her hair, leaving her in tears. Not so with the Elliptic brush from Kellie Little, which sells for $59 on her website.


The brush moves through her hair with ease, there are no tangles and her hair is so shiny and manageable after we use it. As a parent, it would break my heart to see how painful it was to dry her hair. It got to the point where she would just let it air dry and she would go to school looking like a weed eater got a hold of her hair! Now that we have the Elliptic brush from Kellie Little, Caitlin has gorgeous hair which looks like she just stepped out of a salon! Be sure to follow Kellie on Twitter and YouTube. One USA reader will win a Kellie Little Elliptic Brush ARV $59.

What is your favorite blow out tip?


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