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If you are looking for a Cheap Wireless Plan, it would only make sense to check out  the Unlimited Plans at Walmart Family Mobile. I am looking to get a phone for my grandma this year. She had service with a company that ended up being too expensive for her to keep up with. So, I figured for Christmas a cell phone which is dated in this century might be a fun gift fort her and a bit of peace of mind for me. I went to Walmart to check out the different plans and options they had. I was pretty impressed that you could set up everything yourself by going to the online account management and information website.

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When I arrived at Walmart, I was greeted and walked through all of the plans. The customer service representative was there every step of the way and helped me figure out which plan and phone was best for her. I ended up choosing a Concord smartphone, $25 Starter Kit, and 3 months of service to get her started. If she likes it, I will continue to pay the plan for her as it is super affordable at only 29.88 for unlimited talk and text. I could get the plan for an extra $10 a month and add on the web! Words with friends watch out – My grandma is going mobile again. I know she will be happy with an affordable quality smartphone and cell phone service from Walmart Family Mobile.

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You could find the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the loved ones on your list! She will be so happy to join the rest of the techies in the family. This would also make a perfect gift for those who are getting their first cell phone or for a kid at college who is on a budget.

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Since Black Friday is right around the corner, you know the deals at Walmart will be crazy good! So whether you are paying the monthly bill or the intended recipient is, you still save a ton of money b y going with the Walmart Family Mobile plan. You can get a great smartphone at a low cost with affordable, unlimited service without signing up for a contract. What are you waiting for? Who on your list would enjoy the savings of the Walmart Family Mobile Plan?


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