Lingerie, loungewear, intimates, and underwear are a necessary, essential component of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s this very necessity that makes the sticker shock that often accompanies purchasing these underwear staples all the more, well, shocking. Of course, you could turn to cheap alternatives in unmentionables, but the simple fact is that lingerie is the layer of clothing that sits closest to your most sensitive and delicate skin all day long. Is that really the place where you want to cut corners on quality construction and materials? Instead, here are some simple and easy ways to save big on the intimates you really want.

Know Your Size Before You Buy

One of the biggest mistakes women make when shopping for lingerie–especially bras–is grabbing the same size they always buy without regard to the myriad of ways their body has changed. A recent study shows that about 80% of American women over the age of 18 (that’s a whopping 90 million ladies!) are wearing the wrong sized bra. Weight fluctuations, age, gravity, and host of other things can all change the way your bra fits, making it necessary to buy a new one sooner than you really need to. Get yourself fitted at a professional shop before you buy and extend the longevity of your lingerie, saving you serious cash in the long run.

Know Where the Discounts Are

Often, you can find huge savings on high end lingerie, loungewear, and intimates by simply shopping smarter. For example, online retailers will often offer discount codes and reduced prices for following them on social media or checking out their newsletter. Some will even offer loyal customers discounts simply for shopping with them–Zivame coupons can be found with a simple online search, for example.

Know When to Shop

Sales can save you big bucks–but not all clearances are created equally. The best times to cash in on underwear deals are usually at the end of the year and in the dead of summer. Waiting for Christmas and June or August sales can mean stocking up for much, much less, because this is when most stores and brands are trying to unload their inventory and make room for next season’s styles. That gives you the upper hand as a shopper.

Know When to Shop Online

Sometimes, staying home is your best option. There are tons of tips for saving big on your unmentionables, but one of the best seems to be avoiding the stores altogether (except for a proper fitting) in favor of online shopping. Not only can you save quite a bit by avoiding stores that have to pay overhead, but you can take your time, comparison shop, and read as many reviews as you want without making a single impulse buy.

In the end, a little smart shopping can actually mean saving yourself some real money and still bringing home the kind of high quality, beautiful, well-fitting lingerie you’ve always wanted.

Marie Harrison works as a personal shopper. She likes to share her shopping insights on the Internet. Look for her articles on many shopping websites.