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Say No To Boredom With These Board Games For Kids

My kids love to be outside and ride their bikes, scooters, and skateboards or jump on the trampoline. Even though we live in Tennessee and the weather is typically mild, it does get cold. The weather here is actually weird because one day it will be snowing and 2 days later, we are wearing shorts! Because the kids are in and out of the house a lot, I need to have stuff to keep them busy when they are inside. I do not like them to play on video games or their tablets all the time, so I want to have them play with other things as well. One of our favorite things to do is play board games, but we get bored with the same old games we play every family game night. With the unique game selection with Wonder Forge, I get fun games the kids do not already have.

Fun Games For Kids

I am going to tell you a huge confession; I am not all that creative! I can spin a tale or two but when it comes to finding fun stuff for the kids, my bag of tricks is sparse. I was that bad mom who would tell the kids to go watch some television when they complained they were bored. I have tried to be a better human and parent and give better suggestions in this event. When I tell the kids to go play some fun games for kids, they will go straight for the stash we have from wonder Forge. I worked with them last year at this time on a review of several of their games and my kids were hooked! What we love about Wonder Forge is they carry games you can start new family traditions with. They are unique, are made extremely well and feature some of our favorite characters like Doc McStuffins, TMNT and the Disney gang.

We received three games from Wonder Forge and the kids could not wait to tear into them! The day they arrived, it happened to be snowing and they were literally just whining about being bored. They sent us:

  • World of Disney Eye Found it! Game: In this game, Mickey Mouse and his friends race through twelve illustrated Disney worlds including Cinderella, Phineas and Ferb, and Monsters, Inc. Along the way, everyone finds iconic Disney objects…and gets a chance to say, “I found it!”. If your kids like to read the “I Spy” books, this is the game for them. It says it is for ages 5+, but my kids are 12 ans 15 and they really enjoyed playing it. The game retails for $19.99 at Amazon.
  • Doc McStuffins All Better! Game: You can help Doc take all your owies away with this fun game for the pre-school crowd. Each slap bracelet bandage is a different mystery ouchie and the kids take turns trying to figure out which doctor tool will make things all better. This is great to teach kids the art of pretending as well as problem-solving! It sells exclusively at Walmart for $24.99.
  • Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Attack Skill and Action Game: With this fun tower, you can send the TMNT gang flying to knock off Shredder’s Foot Clan. Watch out because the tower teeters, making it a challenge to master. It says this game is for kids ages 6+, but I felt it was more like 8 or 10+ with the building of the tower and getting the hang of the aiming the pieces to knock off the Shredder gang. It sells for $19.99 and is available at Amazon.

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  1. Since we have kids from 4 to 18, we are always looking for games thboad many ages. I bet they’d all like playing the Disney Eye Found It game together.

  2. Mythbusters has been on my list to add to our game collection for awhile now, looks so interesting and fun!

  3. I think my great niece would like the Eye Found It game 🙂 She’d also like the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Matching Game ;))

  4. I do a Christmas event at my school involving the story of the Grinch. I would LOVE the Grinch Christmas Bingo!!

  5. I like two games from Wonder Forge:
    Dr. Suess Superstretchy ABC Game which is like Twister only with ABC’s.
    Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham for when my 19 month grandson is older. It has a chef hat and a menu timer and looks like it would use a lot of energy.

  6. My boys are 11 and 14 and would LOVE the World of Disney I found it game. They still play the Disney Trivia Pursuit game after 7 years.

  7. My son would love the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Attack Skill and Action Game

  8. We would love to have the Disney Eye Found It! Game, The Little Mermaid Under the Sea Treasures Game, and the All Better Game. I couldn’t pick just one!

  9. From the sounds of it, their game, “Thanks a Lot?” would fit right into our family game nights.
    When we all get together, we play games and this one would be fun.

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