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#SYW12 Sears ShopYourWay Round Table Event In Chicago & Sweeps

Chicago is a neat city full of all the things Florida doesn’t have, or at least where I live. This is probably just some random apartment building, but it looked really neat to me and I did get a new camera…so here is another neat Chicago shot. This is actually the sign to the famous hot dog place Portillos. Of course, even though we were eating at Zed451 later that evening; I had to eat just one dog. Chicago style hot dogs are right up there with my top-ten fav foods of all times.

While we were in Chicago, we stayed at the Hotel Felix which used to be an apartment building. It was a very artsy hotel full of the little touches. I am one of those nosy travelers who pokes in drawers and cabinets and look what I found! I little kit with Q-tips and makeup remover wipes (which I totally used)

So why was I in Chicago? I was invited to the #SYW12 Sears ShopYourWay Round Table Event where Sears and Kmart brought a group of bloggers to discuss ShopYourWay’s features and new app for ipad/iphone. You can see the whole catalog of pictures from the event on ShopYourWay. You had already been introduced to it earlier in the week, and now I have another treat for you! Like the KitchenAid brand page and you will be entered to win one of 3 fab prizes worth over $25. Just leave a comment below with your ShopYourWay user name after you like the page and I will enter you! Make sure when you fill out the comment form to leave your email and I will choose you right from the comment list (Mason will pick the number and if he isn’t random no one is!)

As we learned about ShopYourWay, every one was busy updating their fans at home using the #SYW12hashtag. We were conferencing at the Kenmore Craftsman Brand Live Experience where they shoot the commercials for Sears.

While we were hopping from table to table with the brains behind the whole ShopYourWay operation, we were also pulled one by one to get our head shots done by Sears Portrait Studio.

 When we broke for lunch everything was provided by MyGofer, a grocery delivery service which will even bring you patio furniture in case you left yours at work/home. But, if you are too busy to make it to the store, they will totally go for you, and if you want them to go to another store besides Sears or Kmart, they will do that too! Now that is service! This was all laid out in the Sears Commercial Kitchen.
This is me modeling the Kenmore 31 Grab and Go Fridge in my Karina Dress, mustard bottle and smile.

I got to meet the fantastic Zippy from Champagne Living. She is an AMAZING woman and I feel so very fortunate to know that she is only a hop and a skip from my house!

Then I got to meet Mitch from Gay Dad in NYC

Now when you shop at ShopYourWay.com you can earn points that you can turn around and spend on your next purchase.  Here is a short video to tell you exactly how this works. Some days you can even earn points on special deals so you can stack sales, coupons and points for an incredible deal!

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