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See Your Favorite Books Become Movies #SteamTeam

Reading is a major foundation for kids learning. Studies through the years have shown over and over how connected reading and intelligence are. Basically, the experts are telling us the more we read, the smarter we are. Kids who were read to and then move on to read for themselves, do better in school. They are able to comprehend teaching materials better and have higher test scores than kids who do not read often. A favorite in many households is to see books become movies, cartoons or other television shows. My kids are no different, and enjoy watching favorite books become movies like The Very Hungry Caterpillar come to life on the screen via Netflix streaming.

Kids Love Seeing Their Favorite Books Become Movies

More and more kids books are becoming television shows and movies. This is not really anything new as Winnie The Pooh was a favorite book character in the A.A. Milne books for many years before making it to the big screen. It is funny to see the wonderment on kids faces when they learn their favorite TV characters were once in books. It is really fun to be able to take a beloved book off the bookshelf and read it while watching the cartoon or other program on television. With the convenient streaming from Netflix, you and your kids can watch many of your favorites on the television, computer, tablet or other mobile device.

You can see classics like The Velveteen Rabbit or The Little Engine That Could that your parents may have read to you. It is really fun to pass those classics down to your own children and then see them take place on the screen. You can also see newer books like The Magic School Bus and Charlotte’s Web. If you have Netflix,you can have movies and TV shows instantly streamed (not downloaded) via a Netflix-ready device. You can get instant access to Netflix on devices, including TVs, tablets, mobile devices, game consoles and computers. With Netflix, you there is a kids section where the only titles you’ll have access to are pre-screened and appropriate for kids aged 2-12.  To sign up for Netflix, just head over to their website, create an account, choose a plan and start watching!

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