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Back To School Supplies

Well, it is that time of year again when kids are heading back to school. Like many families, we have a budget to stick to, and I am always on the lookout for great deals. If you are sending kids to school on a budget, it can be tough to get them everything they need. My kids need a lot of things like pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, and pencil holders.  Also with my daughter going to college, she will need things for her dorm. She  found the cutest reusable plates and glasses at Dollar General to take to her dorm with her. For me, it only makes sense to buy my back to school supplies at Dollar General becuase they have such a variety of back-to-school items including DG Dorm Essentials.

Sending Kids To School On A Budget

Sending Kids To School On A Budget

It is crazy how many things your kids need when they go away to college. You get used to the high school level of supplies which are just basics like pens, notebooks, paper and such. For college, you may need to set your child up in a dorm room, so they need a ton of stuff for that. You probably need a lot of  the things that go with living independently like pots and pans, microwave meals, decor items, cleaning supplies and so much more! If you are sending kids to college, they will also need things like laundry soap, toiletries, snacks and food and other items. Luckily, your local Dollar General can help you with sending kids to school on a budget.

I took my oldest to see what we could get at Dollar General for our budget of $20. I think it is a good idea to take your kids along so they can see what shopping on a budget looks and how easily you can make it work. Once we got to the school supply aisle, we found absolutely everything we needed on our list! We got notebooks, pens, pencils, a binder, and all of the other items we had on the list.  Can you believe everything in the picture was purchased for $20 right on the nose? What a huge relief not to spend an arm and a leg for everything we needed. My kid could not believe how you could save so much money if you shop in the right store and stick to your list. While I was looking at the picnic items for birthday party supplies, the manager stopped over and told me he just marked all the green dot items to 50% off. I am not kidding you that I got all of the plates and glasses in the picture for only $5. I could not believe my luck! I got colors for boys and girls, so everyone will have colors they like. Be sure to visit Dollar General online to see what products, specials and outreach programs they are participating in. Also, be sure to like Dollar General on Facebook and follow Dollar General on Twitter to stay current with all the latest news from Dollar General.

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