This article is sponsored by TakePart. I have always felt lucky to be a stay at home mom. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to have a family that I could take care of. I take being a mom and a wife very seriously and I know my family takes that to heart. When I became a mom for the first time, I knew I had the important task of caring for and raising her to become the best person she could be. One of the things I have always done for my family is that I almost always cook from scratch. I buy healthy foods and do my best to live the green life whenever possible. One of the big reasons I got into the eco-friendly way of living is because I had read up on organic farming, buying local and serving these foods to my family. The article spoke volumes to me and it made me want to find the freshest and healthiest ingredients for my family to eat. If you are interested in serving healthy foods to your family and you have a farmer’s market in your area, you should go. We have a farmer’s market pretty close to our house and we love going each Saturday as a family. When you browse through all of the brightly colored fruits and vegetables and smell the flowers and spices, it is intoxicating!

Serving Healthy Foods To Your Family

My kids love being able to have the hands on experience of choosing the foods they like and interacting with the farmers who grew the food. I like to buy organic because it is better for you and there are lower levels of pesticides on the food. I love to buy organic foods because it supports my local farmer so he is able to continue producing his goods. When we come home from our trip, and we have out everything away, we get to cook. We love to be in the kitchen together and the kids love to help me prepare our meals, One of the latest “jobs” I have given the kids is to cut the vegetables. We eat a lot of stir fry, so that means lots of veggies to chop! I absolutely love the mixture of the delicious vegetables, the bright colors of the peppers, broccoli, carrots and snow peas. We add fresh chicken we bought that day and then we are ready to sit down for a feast! I love knowing that my kids are able to be part of the process from buying to preparing to eating the healthy meals we love to serve. When we are sitting around the table after our meal, I cannot help but have a bit of pride as I look around and feel that I did a good job as a mom and a supporter of my local farmer that day!

How You Can Help

Congress will soon vote on a new farm bill – the federal measure with the greatest impact on the food we eat. Currently, your tax dollars go to highly profitable agribusinesses that don’t need the help and to people who don’t live anywhere near a farm. The government does very little to help farmers grow organic fruits and vegetables.

By signing this petition, you are telling Congress that you want your tax dollars to go to programs that help families gain greater access to healthy, affordable food in the new farm bill. This petition will be sent to Frank D. Lucas, Chairmain of the House Committee on Agriculture and Debbie Stabenew, Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.