My kids are not big on mornings, so sometimes I need to pull out the big guns to get them going. My mom would take lids to the cookware and bang them next to our beds to get us up. Boy did I hate that but it would get me to wake up and get going! For my kids, I tell them it is time to get up, when that does not work, I turn on the overhead. When that fails, the next trick is pulling off the covers and when all else fails, I get the lids! By the time their feet hit the floor, we are running behind schedule and all we have time for is something fast. If you are a busy family on the go, you probably only have time for a quick breakfast too.  Although grabbing a glass of your favorite juice to tickle your taste buds is convenient, it is not very healthy. In order to start your day on a healthy note, you need a breakfast that includes protein. Now you can shake up your wake up routine with the delicious Fruit & Protein from Silk. This new twist on your ordinary juice is tantalizing fruit juice blend filled with calcium, Vitamins C and D and protein. Each serving of this tangy-sweet blend contains 5 grams of protein,unlike other juices, which is exactly what you need to get your tummy full and your brain focused.

Fruit & Protein is a healthy alternative to traditional juice that Silk, the company known for their milks, creamers, lattes, and yogurt alternatives added to their line last year. This year, Silk wants to help you make Fruit & Protein an important part of your morning routine. You can find Fruit & Protein, along with the other Silk products, in the plant based beverage section (like soy or almond milk) of your local grocery store. Check out where you can buy Silk Fruit & Protein in your town.


Shake Your Wake Up With Fruit & Protein

Mixed Berry is the all-star flavor of Fruit & Protein, but you can also enjoy it in Mango Peach as well as Strawberry Banana. Previously, you could buy your yummy Fruit & Protein in the quart size, but Silk is now offering it in the half-gallon size. For the juicers in the crowd, Fruit & Protein is an excellent alternative to juice alone due to the added protein and vitamins. If you have kids who are not big on breakfast, they will love the Fruit & Protein from Silk. Now you can send the kids off to school knowing they are starting their day right with everything they need until it is lunchtime. So instead of grabbing regular old juice, shake your wake up with Fruit & Protein from Silk.

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