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Shame Speaks Volumes About Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence is a most serious, prevalent subject for all of us to be aware of. We often hear of the domestic violence against women, but we do not always hear about it from a man’s perspective. In fact, more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an  intimate partner in their lifetime. The reason we do not always hear about this side of the issue is because many male domestic violence victims under-report the crimes against them due to shame and embarrassment. Shame is a short film that hopes to spread awareness and empower men to report their victimization. You can see a short trailer of the film, which was released on October 1st, the beginning of domestic violence awareness month, through I can tell you the trailer, although short, packs a powerful message and intrigues you to see Shame in it’s entirety.

Domestic Violence Against Men

Shame, a short film, tells about the struggles of male victims of domestic violence from the perspective of  Lance. Lance, is a handsome and athletic first year college student who returns home from a date. His behavior suggests there’s been an issue, and his mom, Nancy suspects she knows what the issue is. Nancy, chooses to further investigate and barges into his room and confirms that her son has again suffered physical abuse at the hands of his girlfriend, Leanne. With a bruised cheek and deep neck lacerations, Lance shamefully gazes upon his mother’s enraged eyes, as she draws a line in the sand and announces that she’s had enough and for the first time, she’s calling the police.  Lance is unwilling to press charges, but Nancy is determined to change his unwillingness, whereas his father, Robert, takes the approach of allowing Lance to come to a change of mind on his own. These two disparate approaches at helping their son leads to heated exchanges, intensifying the family conflict. While Lance wrestles with how to address his on-going domestic violence victimization, input from the local police impacts his decision in way he never expected way.

Manasseh & Ephraim Studios (ME Studios), a film and TV production company, is located in beautiful Glendale, California. The aim of the company is to entertain audiences while encouraging creativity and imagination among viewers and fans. Their films specialize in rich, meaningful messages, delivered through the media of film. Their commitment as a film studio is to create stories and characters that compel you to enter into their world and follow them along their journey.  ME Studios’ current project, Shame, takes a look into domestic violence victimization from a different angle, a male victim.  You can find Shame on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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