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I have been utilizing Facebook and Twitter for years now. I am on both more than once a day and I share a lot of family information. I share mostly pictures but have also shared some videos when the kids have done something video worthy. It never occurred to me that when I did this on places like Facebook that it was not necessarily private. I have followed the necessary steps in my account settings to make sure that what I share stays between me and my friends and family. What I did not know was that if just one of those people shared my information, it was out there for the whole Internet to see. I am not comfortable with that notion at all. In fact, it is almost a bit creepy in a voyeuristic sort of way. I had decided to stop uploading any more videos of the family until I heard about a better solution. ProudOn TV is a free video website where you can share family videos privately and safely. The only people that will ever see your videos are those people you give access to.

Share Family Videos Privately And Safely

Share Family Videos Privately And Safely

When I found out about ProudOn TV, I was really excited and ready to dive right in. The content I upload is only able to be viewed by those who have a unique invitation code, which is sent via email or Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised when I found how easy it was to set up my own website on ProudOn TV. You can chose from the Family Video Website or the Portfolio Video Website, which is great for bloggers! All you do is follow a few steps and before you know it, you are able to share family videos privately and safely, just the way it should be.


Once you set up an account and have your website created, you just choose your settings. There are several color combinations to choose from and you can upload your own photos for your background if you prefer. Once you have set up your website, you can upload videos and invite friends and family to see them. Because there are no cookies or tracking, you are not going to lead anyone to your website without your knowing. If you like, you can even get the ProudOn TV iOS app and enjoy your website on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to have fun while you are able to share family videos privately, ProudOn TV is perfect for you. ProudOn TV is a free, private video website where you can share your personal family experiences online through audiovisuals with an audience that YOU select! ProudOn TV is very easy to use and has a fully customizable design to suit everyone’s tastes, which provides a fun and sentimental experience for all involved. Check out this video on how to sign up and then open up an account using this special offer from ProudOn TV: FAMILYWEB11

Signing up today using this special code automatically gets you $60.00 in credit on your ProudOn TV account, which may be used towards a future increase in data storage or an extended traffic plan.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ProudOn TV. Tracking Pixel


  1. I share a lot of info on social media, too, and it always worries my just a bit. This looks like a great resource to share personal info without worrying about who is actually seeing it!

  2. This is such a cool idea. I have a neighbor that would really love this because she worries a lot about privacy.

  3. This is such a great service! I grew up in a family of photographers and videographers, and my ex used to work in the news, so we really have no concept of privacy, lol! Still, there are videos that really aren’t meant for the entire world, or contain other people who aren’t quite so interested in being on display for the public. This would be perfect for sharing with them!

  4. I love the idea behind Proudon TV! I sometimes really want to share videos, but they are a bit more personal that I only want my family to see, not everyone on Facebook. So I love that I could give access to the video to my family on this website to check out our family videos or pictures.

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