Kleenex Blowing Nose

Do you ever have those moments as a parent when you wonder if you are doing your job well?  It’s not like we get instructions when these babies are born right?!  I am pretty sure we have all looked at our kids and thought to ourselves we missed the parenting mark in that situation.  I have also had those moments when I looked at my kids and thought I was doing ok.  My mom used to tell me that parenting was a job that had an extremely delayed payoff and she was right!  Now that my kids are older, I am able to see how my parenting has affected them based on their actions.  A few weeks ago we all got the flu and we were just miserable.  What made it even more difficult was that we each got sick a few days apart from each other, so it seemed we were actually sick for weeks!  I can tell you we had our share of chicken soup and Kleenex!  I don’t know how we would have gotten by had it not been for my new favorite from Kleenex; The Cool Touch tissues.  When you are blowing your nose and wiping away the sniffles every few minutes, you can rub your nose raw but with the Cool Touch tissues, we were spared that discomfort.

Share the Softness with kleenex


About a week after we were all sick, our best friends got the same thing we had.  My friend and her three kids were as miserable as we were.  I had called to check in on them and my friend sounded awful.  She is a newly single mom and she just couldn’t take the time off from work to get well, let alone tending to the kids when they were sick.  I was telling my kids about them being sick and how I felt so sorry for my friend.  I explained it was really difficult bearing the brunt of all that came with being a busy mom with three kids at home.  My youngest looked at me and said, “Mom, since we are all better and they need help, why don’t we bring them some things to make them feel better”.  Yep, at that moment I had a heart bursting with pride and realized I had just had a big payoff in the parenting department.

My kids and I made a huge pot of homemade soup, baked some fresh bread and planned to stop at the store for popsicles.  While we were getting ready to leave, my oldest reminded me that we had a few Kleenex Care Packs at home that we had received when we redeemed the codes we got from the boxes of Cool Touch tissues we had bought when we were sick.  These packs were perfect to bring along because they have all the things you want when you don’t feel well.  The Care Pack comes with a 1 oz. lip balm, hand sanitizer, a coupon booklet, a Kleenex® Brand Share Pack, a Kleenex® Brand Slim Pack, and a card redeemable to download four songs from some up and coming singers.  I can’t tell you how great it felt when we saw the face of my friend when she opened the door and saw us standing there with all of our goodies!  I am just so proud of my kids for thinking of others and suggesting we make someone’s day a bit better!

Kleenex brand, America’s softest tissue*, knows that once one experiences the softness of Kleenex brand tissues, they will be eager to share it with other cold and flu sufferers, friends and strangers alike, as a way to show they care. This cold and flu season, make the care complete with a Kleenex Brand Care Pack, and together we’ll turn a seemingly- small gesture into something bigger, to make everyone feel better. Visit kleenex.com/softness to learn more. Compensation was provided by Kleenex via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kleenex