Shoelace Locks For Kids

Shoelace Locks For Kids

If you are a parent of little ones, you may be interested in finding shoelace locks for kids. This is a new concept for me as we didn’t  have this product when my kids were smaller. I can say that with Henry’s autism, he is 11 and still struggles with tying his shoes. This has been a frustrating experience for both of us.  With his autism comes OCD components where everything MUST be perfect or he cannot leave the house. I will admit it has been a long road with a lot of frustration, tears and no real solutions.
There is a company who has created a great product called Snap N Step. This product is made in the USA, uses vegetable ink for their printing, with 100% wind energy power with sustainable paper. Not only are they helping parents, but they are also protecting the environment at the same time. These lace locks are very simple in their design but have brought tons of families relief with the struggle of keeping their children’s shoes tied. All you do is slip the Snap N step under the tied lace, connect the top to the Velcro and push. It is that simple as is demonstrated in their video, which you can see here:

Lace Locks For Kids

If you need to keep your kids shoes tied, lace locks for kids is a great option. When my kids were playing soccer, we would tape those long laces to their shoes so they wouldn’t trip. Not only is that embarrassing but can really hurt a kid as well. With Henry’s issue with not being able to tie his shoes, I thought Snap N Step lace locks would be a great way to solve our problem. Ironically, for a kid who doesn’t know how to ties his own shoes, his favorite pair of shoes are his high top Chuck Taylor’s! (His dad bought them, not me!). Henry and I were very excited when the Snap N Step lace locks arrived in the mail and he ran to get his Chuck’s. After following the instructions in the video, we thought this would be a breeze. When we tied his shoes and slipped the Snap N Step under the laces and secured the Velcro, we had an issue. With his OCD, Henry must have everything perfect and no matter how hard we tried, he could not get the button which is supposed to be on top, to move due to the Velcro sticking to the laces. Please understand this has very little to do with the product and almost everything to do with a mom and little boy who tried too hard to get this to work for him. Luckily we were able to pass them on to our little neighbor who is learning to tie his shoes.

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