Shoes That Treat Your Feet

Shoes That Treat Your Feet

If you do a lot of walking or standing, you may need to find shoes that treat your feet.  When I was in nursing school, we did a lot of walking and standing and at the end of the day; my feet were so tired and sore.  I had even invested a pretty good amount of money on a pair of shoes that were advertised as a “cure” for those who were on their feet a lot.  Well, they were such a disappointment!  My feet were just as tired as they were when I wore my regular sneakers or Crocs.  I ended up completing school without finding a good solution to my problem.

If you want pair of shoes that will make your feet feel amazing, you need to check out Oofos!  Oofos is a line of shoes for men and women that are the best thing your feet have ever felt!  The key to the magic of these unique shoes is in their Oofoam technology.  This innovative and forward thinking company has developed a line of shoes that take the discomfort out of your tired and sore feet!  You can wear Oofos for many hours a day and your feet will be just as happy at the end of the day as they were at the beginning.  You may look at the style of the Oofos line and think they look like other brands, but the difference is not in the cosmetics but in the orthotics of the shoe.  If your feet hurt at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how the shoes look, does it?  You can also learn more about Oofos by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter and pinning them on Pinterest.

Rejuvenate Your Feet

If you are interested in a way to rejuvenate your feet, you should absolutely invest in a pair of Oofos shoes.  I have been interested in trying the Oofos line for a while now and when I was offered a pair of their shoes, I was all over it!  I chose the tangerine in the sandal style ($39.99) and was I completely shocked when I put them on.  I had read the Oofos shoes were created from a group of shoe experts, but I never imagined they would create something so phenomenal!  The Oofos Company has a tag line that says, “Feel the OO”, and let me tell you, now I get it!  The Oofoam cushions your feet and absorbs 37% of the impact and shock your feet feel each time you take a step.  The feeling of the Oofos shoes are unlike anything I could describe for you.  It feels as if you are walking on a cloud!  These shoes are just heavenly and I am a total Oofos convert!  I would never consider wearing any other shoe from this point on and with a variety of colors and the choice of two styles; I can create a pretty hefty Oofos collection!!  You can purchase your Oofos online at The Insole Store and they will make “YOO” feel the OO!!

One reader will receive one pair of Oofos in their choice of style, color and size ($39.99)

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