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Shop And Earn As A #PersonalShopper With ShopYourWay

This time of year is so busy, it can be hard to manage and fit in all of the things that need to be done.  If there were any one thing that someone could help you with, wouldn’t that be great?  One of the biggest challenges most people face is finding the time to get all of their shopping done for everyone on their gift list.  What if there was a place you could go where you where encouraged to put up a list of the items you needed on your shopping list and then someone else did all the shopping for you?  There is a place like that called Shop Your Way.

Shop And Earn

Shop Your Way is an amazing site that is truly multifaceted.   It is a shopping site, where you can shop at Sears, Kmart and Land’s End and earn rewards.  For every dollar you spend, you get 10 points.  Points then add up to dollars.  So, 5000 points equals $5.00.  This is an awesome way to shop and earn back.  Also, on this site is a sweepstakes area where you can win points, jewelry, tools, and more.

One of the most amazing things about this site is the Personal Shopper program.  This is where you are going to get a ton of help to get you through the holidays, or any event for that matter.  Once you sign up to be a part of Shop Your Way, you can start looking through all the departments for items on your list.  The best way to use this site to its fullest potential is to create a catalog titled something such as “Christmas Wish List”.  Then you want to put all of the items on your list in that catalog.  Your personal shopper can then make recommendations based on your list.  This is a huge time saver, and so incredibly helpful.

If you want to be on the other end of the spectrum, you can be a personal shopper as well.  Once you create your Shop Your Way account, you can then go in to customize and personalize your Personal Shopper profile.  You then invite family and friends to join the program.  You will then earn 1% on everything they spend.  If you have 20 or more clients who make a purchase, you are eligible to earn an additional 1% commission as long as your client uses their Shop Your Way Rewards membership number when purchasing online or in a store.

If you would like to be a personal shopper, you can sign up to be your own Personal Shopper, and help your friends and family out while making a commission. You will get a check mailed to you once a month when you have earned at least $20.

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