Show Off Your Pictures With Style

I love taking pictures and have been the resident picture taker for the entire family. I do not have many pictures from my childhood and I wish I did. I have two photo albums that span about 3 years, from age 5-8 and that is it. It has always bothered me not to have any pictures to look back at. This is what made me the photo taking maniac that I have become. I want my kids to see every single moment of their lives so when they feel nostalgic, they have plenty of pictures to look at. They have teased me that I have taken pictures of every single second of their childhood, but they love it! Now the question is how to best display your pictures? I hate keeping my pictures in a photo album and only have a few of them around. I have pictures all over my houses including on the fridge, in frames, on memo boards and in decorative boxes. I have been looking for something cute I could put some pictures on and I found the perfect thing at Deny Designs. Deny Designs has been a favorite of mine for a while now because they support the arts and connect artists with customers. They have such a wide selection both of artists, designs and products that it can make you a bit dizzy!

Show Off Your Pictures With Style

I have reviewed a beautiful shower curtain and two amazing pillows from Deny Designs and I love them so much! When I received an email from Kim that they had a new product, I was so excited! They have magnet boards in two styles and in three sizes. You can choose from the Unique Quatrefoile and the elegant Baroque and they come in small, medium and large. You can choose from 100 designers who offer anywhere from 1 or 2 designs to more than 10. That is a lot to choose from ya’ll!

I chose the Green by Cori Dantini in the medium (23×28). I love the whimsical design with the faint writing in the background that has made everyone who passes it squint and try to read it! I love the cool greens and the soft edges that look like charcoal to me. The retro look fits perfectly into our decor and I already put a few of my favorite pictures on it and am adding more each day. I was completely taken by surprised at how heavy and sturdy this magnet board is. It comes with 6 magnets and the hanging kit, so you can out it up immediately. Heather is an artist with a sense of humor that I appreciate and I really love her use of color. She is just brilliant in my humble opinion! I absolutely love my new magnet board from Deny Designs and I have had so many compliments on it. Caitlin had already started begging for one to put in her room!

One USA reader will win a medium (23×28) magnet board ($149.00) in their choice of design.



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  1. They have some wonderfully unique items. I love the shower curtains as well as the magnet boards. My favorite shower curtain is the geometric tiger for my son’s bathroom.

  2. My favourite products were the Amy Sia duvet covers, most especially the Amy Sia Water Dream Duvet Cover. So pretty!

  3. Peas and Carrots Green is my favorite. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    Erin E
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  4. I love the Flower shower curtain by John Turner Jr.. I’ve never owned a colored curtain in my life, and I love it

  5. This is my new favorite shopping site!!!! I want sooooo many things on there! If I had to chose a favorite it would be Shannon Clark Night Walk Duvet Cover

  6. My favorite product is :
    Ryan Rice Fine Art Chicken Pot Pie Wall Art t Pie Wall Art – I would love this in my kitchen!

  7. I love the Duvet Covers by Jacqueline Maldonado and also her Magnet Boards. So beautiful.Thank you 🙂

  8. I love the mirrors – I can’t choose a favorite because I want them all. But I am especially fond of the chevron print ones. Chevron is so IN right now!

  9. Since I can’t say everything, I will pick one thing I really liked: the Bianca Green Chevron Flora 1 Baroque Mirror. Gorgeous!

  10. I like Mister by Cori Dantini magnet board…. it would look so good in my kitchen 🙂

  11. i love all the choices of sheet sets but the swift sanctuary and everything by gabriela larios stand out to me the most

  12. They’re all so cool. I really love the Belle13 Totoros Dream Forest Quatrefoil Magnet Board.

  13. I love the create your own bling box! 😀 I’d love to have one with a pic of my babies on it! 😀

  14. I really like their shower curtains! They are fun and I love to change things up every month pertaining to a holiday or season, these would be great

  15. Wow! This is really neat. My wife has been recently getting into photography as a hobby. I will have to show her this. We’ve been taking lots of pictures of our little baby girl who just turned 10 months. She was trying to think of creative ways to decorate her room, and this may be a cool piece to add. Thank you for the post.

  16. Wow! They have SO many cool things!! I love their Wall Art & Gallery Wrapped Prints. They even have some super cool shower curtains.

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