Wellness Snacks

If you have gotten serious about losing weight, you know it is not a temporary thing. Losing when is the easy part if you think about it. You choose a plan, stick to it, exercise and you watch your body transform into a thinner form. The hard part comes after you reach your goal and you have realized this is a lifestyle change that is permanent. You find you must make changes in your eating and activity areas if you plan to maintain the weight loss you have worked so hard to achieve. If you are a mom like me who has a husband and children, you also know this weight loss journey includes them. They may not even be aware of it, but you are making subtle changes to their diet and activity levels in addition to yours. One of the areas I have made changes is in the snacking that we do. We do love to snack but I want them to be healthy, which is why Simply 7 Snacks is perfect for my family.

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Simply Choose Healthier Options To Stay Thin

With younger kids at home, you need to be creative when you want to introduce new things into their lives, especially food. When I received my samples of chips from Simply 7 Snacks, I decided to throw a chip party. We were sent Pomegranate, Lentil and Hummus chips in a variety of flavors. You can choose from flavors like seat salt, bruschetta, black pepper or white cheddar, just to name a few. When I decided to try this brand, it made sense to simply choose healthier chip options to stay thin. What a great combination: crunchy yummy chips combined with healthy ingredients that will keep your diet on point.

Wellness Snacks

Simply 7 Chips was created out of a need to be able to eat foods that had ingredients you could actually pronounce. Many families eat processed foods on a regular basis. These foods are loaded with preservatives, calories, and you will be hard pressed to find the natural ingredients in them. The idea behind Simply 7 is to have a delicious food whose ingredients were simple raw veggies, fruits, grains or legumes. The next step in the process was to create a product that was absolutely delicious and then convincing folks they really did taste good! Since you do not serve cardboard to your family, the people over at Simply 7 did not want to serve it to them either. You will not find any trans fat or cholesterol, artificial colors or flavors, additives or preservatives or gluten. Well, my family just loved the idea of a chip party and they had no hesitation to jump right in and try them all. We had some early favorites and then the kids had the deciding vote on the crunchy, ruffled pomegranate chips. The chips from Simply 7 are light, fresh, crunchy, flavorful and it is a brand we could easily incorporate into our pantry. You can find a lot of great recipes for dips and other treats on the Simply 7 website, which is where you can purchase the Simply 7 Chips. You can purchase the chips in the single 5 ounce bag for $3.19 or in the 12 pack for $35.82.