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I have loved cooking for as long I can remember, and I am always trying out new recipes. You can see many of my favorite recipes I have shared with you on my blog. In addition to the enjoyment I get from cooking, I love knowing I can save money as well as serve healthy meals to my family. I have found that in order to cook delicious and wholesome meals, you need to have the proper tools. In addition to the gadgets, bowls and other whatnot’s you have in your kitchen, you must have the proper knives. Many cooks only use one or two knives, when in fact there are six knives every kitchen should have. For the most well made knives on the market, the nonstick cutlery from Good Cook are the only knives you will ever need.

Six Knives Every Kitchen Should Have

  1. 18803_red knife1Utility: This sassy red  5″ knife can chop and dice your fruits and vegetables with no problem. The serrated edge keeps your delicate foods like tomatoes from falling apart before you can dice them. The best knife would be an ergonomically correct knife for easy use and comfort.
  2. 18805_purple Knife1Sandwich: This pretty purple 5″  knife will cut through a loaf of freshly made bread and then you can use it to spread your condiments on.
  3. 18806_yellow knife2Bread: This sunny yellow 7″ serrated edge knife will cut through bagels, bread or rolls like they were butter. Where most knives will make your bread crumble as it cuts them, this knife leaves no crumb behind on its watch!
  4. 18808_Blue Knife1Chef’: This bright blue knife is a must have for any cook. This versatile knife can cut veggies, fruit, eggs, cheese and meat without a problem. The 5″ blade is one multitasking tool you will want to have.
  5. 18802_Orange knife1Santoku: This knife may have a funny name, but this orange beauty is a serious must have. With this knife, you can cut meat, fish and poultry as thin and even as you like With this extra large blade, you can keep control of your cutting with its ergonomic handle.
  6. 18804_green knife1Paring: This 4″ knife may be smaller than the others, but it makes up for it with its versatility and precision. With this handy green knife, you can cut even the most delicate foods like fresh shrimp, garnishes, and trim fruits and baby vegetables.

I have really enjoyed using the nonstick cutlery set from Good Cook. My favorite is the paring knife. I like that each knife is a different color so they are easy to spot. Each knife is made with incredibly strong high carbon steel and comes with a safety sheath to protect the blade as well as my fingers! The nonstick coating keeps the knives from sticking, causing tears in your fruits or crumbles from your breads.

I really like the way the knives fit into your hand, giving you more control over the cutting process. I will definitely get a lot of use from these knives for many, many years. You can purchase this cutlery set as well as many other well crafted kitchen products like bar ware, bake ware, cookware and plenty of cool gadgets from Good Cook online. Makobi Scribe readers will receive 30% off their order, including the nonstick cutlery sets by using the code: NONSTICK at checkout, valid through April 15th, 2013.

cutting an appleOne reader will win one set of nonstick cutlery from Good Cook ($125.00)


  1. My favorite is the knife set you are giving away, but second fave is the Microwave Bowl. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Easily the Pancake Creator! My grandpa used to make us animal pancakes, something like that would have helped so much.

  3. I like the paring knife. I like the different colors. It would look good on my marble counter.

  4. My “most needed” product is the “Classic” Saute Pan, 10″, Red, so it’s my favorite right now.

  5. I really like the Chef knife, I do a lot of cutting vegetables and fruit so this knife looks like it would work great, thank you:)

  6. I need a really GOOD paring knife……I go through so many…looking for the perfect one…..and haven’t found it yet:(

  7. I am fairly certain We have check this out very same form of declaration elsewhere, it ought to be gaining interest using the masses.

  8. I like all the knives they sure look different that what I got but I think I need the pairing knife the most as we peel a lot of potatoes and other things thanks

  9. I need a new can opener so I love the Safecut Can Opener – in black or any color would be wonderful.

  10. the bread knife- actually all the knives, totally cool to look at and would be easy to find in the midst of all the other stuff in the knife drawer

  11. Silicone Baking Sheet, 17″ X 11″ is what I’d like to have. I want to try Macarons and they say you need one of these.

  12. I really like the collapsible colander/strainer with handle. Not only does it look useful but it comes in such a fun color too!

  13. My favorite is the Stainless Steel Silicone Tip Locking Tongs, 12″.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  14. Favorite product is the food chopper! I use mine now for everything and would love to buy a new one soon!

  15. I would like to get the Ultimate 20 Piece German Steel Cutlery Set because I need a quality knife set

  16. I’m such a fan of scales. I used one at work for years and was using one at home (was my
    grandmother’s old timey with a dial face, until I accidently knocked it off my kitchen prep
    table and broke the weighing pan). Haven’t had a chance to replace it and really need to, although I will upgrade to a digital, like I use a work. So much more accurate than volume
    measures. Oh, back to the orginal question I would choose 11lb Digital Food Scale.

  17. One of my favorite products would be the Kitchen Starter Kit. All the items in it seem really useful.

  18. It’s so hard to pick just one! They have SO many cool things on this site but I like the 12 piece stainless steel cook pans.

  19. Gotta be the Ceramic 8 pc. Bakeset. I love to cook, but I love it even more when I have a choice as to what I use.

  20. I like all of them but I love the color purple so I have to go with the Purple Sandwich Knife.

  21. I’ve had my eye on the Good Cook 11-lb Digital Food Scale for a while. I love Good Cook gadgets, and I love that they seem to be branching out into more advanced or upscale items.

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