Fila Skele-toes for kids

Fila Skele-Toes has been described as Spandex for you feet. They are unique looking shoes, which are designed to give you the ultimate barefoot experience. Unlike your traditional gym shoe, Skele-Toes have slots for that your toes slide into at the top of the shoe.

The Skele-Toes are designed with these cool treads along the bottom that look like the bones of your feet, hence the name. There are only 4 slots at the top of the shoe; your two smallest toes are to fit into one slot.  This is done to facilitate the process of putting the shoes on your foot – called the EZ Slide feature. The sole does conform to the contours of your foot, feeling quite minimal.  Some other great features are:

  • Great Grip on wet surfaces
  • Excellent for traversing pointy rocks and barnacles
  • 3 velco straps for secure fit
  • Bungie Cord straps for getting them on or taking them off

Uses for Skele-Toes

These shoes are considered a minimalist shoe, since they are an alternate to going barefoot.  That being said, what are the uses for skele-toes? You are really not restricted from doing anything since they allow for running, walking, hiking, skateboarding, playing with your kids.  Also, since they are waterproof, even playing in water. Because they do have a thicker sole, it allows for a greater variety of activities.


How to Choose a Minimalist Running Shoe

Interest in barefoot running has exploded the last couple of years. When shopping, keep in mind how minimal you want to go., and where you plan to run, i.e. trail or road.  “Barefoot shoes” have zero heel height and put just 3-4mm of sole between you and the ground. “Minimalist shoes” have a little more to them but still encourage a natural running motion with a 4mm heel height and a bit of cushion—an easier transition from traditional running shoes.

The Skele-Toes are available for men, women, and kids. You can see how Jakobi was able to get Skele-Toes just like mommy and he loves them as much as I love mine. He calls them his Spiderman feet! They are pretty easy to get on with the adjustable straps and the little loop hooks in the front. I know when Jakobi wears these shoes on our slick porch during the rainy season or at the Sprinkler Park, he will have a good amount of tread to keep him from slipping. He will also be the talk of the play yard! How cool does he look!!