Skin Care For Teens

Skin Care For Teens

My daughter Caitlin is turning 14 soon and I have been looking for skin care for teens for a few weeks now.  I think is it crucial to get your child on a skincare regime as soon as possible.  If your teen is like mine, hygiene is not a top priority although it should be.  I swear if I didn’t remind Caitlin to wash her face, brush her hair or brush her teeth, she would look like a child who has been living in the woods as a wild animal.  My family is lucky in the fact that we have healthy and clear skin for the most part, so skin care is more of a preventative measure than a cure.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful company who has an awesome skin and hair care line for your tween or teen.  budhi teencare has made it their mission to be advocates for our children’s skin and promoting a line safe enough to use every day.  The word “budhi” is Sanskrit for intellect, with the thought that teens will use their heads in choosing what products are best for their skin and hair.  The budhi line was created by Monique Richards and Charlene Short out of a need for a great product line for their own teens.  When they ended up wanting to beat their head against a brick wall, they decided to create their own line.  The budhi line is made from safe and natural products that are chemical and toxin free for young skin.  You can learn more about the budhi teencare products by visiting their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Best Daily Cleansers

When you are choosing the best daily cleansers for your teen, you need to research what products are right for your child.  What I love most about budhi is they thoughtfully put together a complete line of skincare that is safe and gentle for our kids.  From the acne skin products to a high quality washcloth, budhi has you covered!  We were fortunate enough to receive several products from the budhi line to review.  Our favorite products are the daily facial cleanser ($16.99) and the washcloth ($7.00).  When these two products are used together, your teen is able to get rid of oils, dirt, dead skin cells and makeup while exfoliating without the need for harmful and costly facial scrubs.  I cannot explain to you how effective the budhi products actually are.  Caitlin used the cleanser with the washcloth and we were stunned at what was left on the washcloth after cleaning her face.  It put her skincare into perspective; I can assure you of that!  Her skin was so smooth after she dried her face, that I could not believe it!  The budhi products are all that AND a bag of chips!!

One reader will receive a daily facial cleanser ($16.99) and 100% cotton washcloth ($7.99).

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