Skylanders Swap Force

This post is sponsored by Frito-Lay, but all opinions are my own. With summer comes very hot weather here in the south. Our summers are those sticky, sweaty, humid days and nights that make you want to stay inside. The only relief we get aside from being an air conditioned hermit, is to head for the pool. We have new neighbors and what a better way to get to know them better than to have a pool party! We were given a plethora of goodies to throw an epic Skylanders Swap Force party and it was a huge success!

Frito Lay

Our party was to celebrate the Choose and Name a New Hero Contest, which hits stores on October 5th. To say my son Henry is a just a fan would be like saying the Beatles were an average band! Whenever there is a new Skylanders game, toy or trading card, Henry is begging for me to buy it. I must say, it has been a great bargaining tool to get him to do his chores! We were sent the specially marked packs of Frito-Lay Classic Mix and Flavor Mix 20-count multi-pack bags, which currently have a $10 of coupon towards the Skylanders SWAP Force™ Starter Packs.

skylanders party

To celebrate the impending new game, Skylanders fans were asked to select one of three potential heroes they wanted to see come to life in the next Skylanders video game. Out of almost 20,000 submissions, the winning hero will be seen on Skylanders packaging and in the Skylanders Trap Team™ video game. The lucky finalist who receives the most eligible fan votes will win a $100,000 scholarship. This joint promotion between Frito-Lay and Activision gives fans like Henry, the chance to be part of the deciding of the new character. Now through TODAY, fans 13 years and older can vote for the hero you like by visiting the website and making your choice.


The three Skylanders Trap Team™ hero finalist names and their fan-submitted inspirations in alphabetical order by hero name are:

  1. “Bat Spin”, which was submitted by Kimberly Josey from Charlotte, N.C., is a witch tasked with saving the underworld from trolls to prove worthy of joining the Skylanders heroes.
  2. “Flip Wreck”, which was submitted by Noel Foster from Clearwater, Fla., is imagined as half-dolphin and half-shipwreck, unlike any Skylanders the world has ever seen.
  3. “High Five”, submitted by Phylicia Nakamoto from Elk Grove, Calif., is the fifth son of the Royal High Flying Dragonflies. Famous for his great speed, this hero can fly higher and faster than any other dragonfly in Skylanders.

We are torn in our house as to which we think will be the winning character. Caitlin and I think the winner will be “Bat Spin”, while Henry is convinced it will be “Flip Wreck”. No matter who the winner is, you can rest assured it will be added to our ever growing collection of the Skylanders games and figures. We were so excited to share some of our favorite Skylanders gear with our neighbors at our Skylanders pool party to celebrate the voting and the new Skylanders Trap Team™ video game.

Destiny and Valerie

The kids and I had so much fun preparing for and hosting our Skylanders pool party. I made cake pops which were blue on the inside and then blue or orange on the inside. We also had a tub full of our favorite Frito Lay snack bags of chips and baskets of chicken nuggets and fries. We also made some really cool multi-colored cupcakes with homemade frosting in a summer sunshine yellow and orange creamsicle cookie stacks.. Our neighbor Valerie and her daughter Destiny had a silly moment feeding Frito Lay Cheetos and Doritos to one another!

slap bands

Among the party favors and gifts we received from Frito Lay and Activision, were tee shirts, pajamas, watches, wrist slap bands and plenty of tableware to make the party complete. I had a ton of great games for the kids to play, but the pool inevitably won out and the kids swam the afternoon away!

swim time

We had so much fun sharing all of our fun Skylanders and Frito Lay goodies with Destiny, A.J., Arianna, Nick and Valerie. We learned a lot about the different characters from Henry’s tutorial and demonstration of the characters ability to change up with one another. Our Skylanders Swap Force summer party was a huge splash and Henry was ready for bed by the time the party ended! I think he looks smashing in his Skylanders tee shirt and pajama pants! Thank you Skylanders, Frito Lay and PepsiCo for your generosity!

Time For Bed

Which of the 3 Skylanders Trap Team™ finalists are you going to vote for?



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