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Slip On Shoes For Kids From Royal Elastics

Slip On Shoes For Kids From Royal Elastics

Slip On Shoes For Kids

I have been looking for slip on shoes for kids for a while now.  My sweet boy will be 11 in a few months and he can’t tie his shoes.  Another mystery of the child with autism and how they can learn to read at 4 (yep!) but cannot master tying their shoes.  The closest we have come to tying shoelaces is a weird jumbled knot system that only Henry could do and no one could undo!  With his OCD, if the laces were not exactly even, he would start all over again.  When you are running late for an appointment and your son is screaming because he cannot get his laces tied perfectly, you are ready to scream!  Far be it from me to offer my help because all I hear is “No mommy, I am a big boy and I am going to do this myself”.  So, the best idea I could come up with was a slip on shoe. The only style I could find was a Vans or Toms style shoe, but he wanted sneakers.  I was about to lose my mind trying to find the right shoes.

I quite literally stumbled on Royal Elastics while doing a Google search.  The company was founded in 1996 by two teens from Sydney, Australia.  They decided to fasten shoes with elastic instead of regular laces and the concept caught on fast.  Before long the shoes were being sold in boutiques in Europe and people were buying them up like crazy.  Elastication” which is as much a state of mind as it is a youthful, laid-back lifestyle.  After being acquired in 2002 by a larger footwear company, Royal Elastics was able to distribute their amazing shoes worldwide while supporting artists and musician’s by sponsoring events where other young, creative and laid back people could hang out and just be themselves.  In 2010 Royal Elastics re-purchased the company and have been living and creating all things elastic ever since.

Elastic Laced Shoes

When I corresponded with Nina from Royal Elastics, she offered to send two pairs of elastic laced shoes for kids to review.  I think you can tell from the picture at the top of this review that Henry was one happy little boy.  Henry’s joy turned quickly to a full on meltdown when we discovered I ordered his sister’s size instead of his, which is a half size smaller.  This melt down lasted for 2 hours and by the end of it we were both exhausted and cried out.  I emailed Nina from Royal Elastics and explained the situation and asked if there was anything she could do.  Nina said she would have 2 pairs of the correct sized shoes sent ASAP and told me to donate the others.  And true to her word, she had them here in a few days.  Now of course the story had a happy ending!  Henry LOVES his shoes.  He chose the Icon White/Vivid Blue and the Icon Black (each retail $50).  These shoes are not only easy peasy to get on and off, but they are really sturdy shoes.  Henry is really hard on shoes and we have had some that fell apart really quick.  I can assure you the shoes from Royal Elastics will not fall apart before he grows out of them.  The shoes that didn’t fit Henry were given to our dear family friend who also has a special needs child who wears the size we couldn’t use!  That was the best example of paying kindness forward I have ever seen.  Nina’s kindness is an incredible testimony to the character behind the company she represents.  And for a precious boy who can now put on his shoes without crying, I am deeply grateful to Royal Elastics.
One winner will receive their choice of one pair of shoes of the winner’s choice from the kid’s collection ($34-$60) in the Canadians Welcome, Eh Giveaway Hop!

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