Small Biz ExpoThe day has finally come for the Small Biz Expo! Bree: What Matters to Bree and Makobi Scribe have gathered a few of the favorite shops and blogs and has showcased them from the beginning of August. You have seen all of the wonderful things each store/blog has to offer. Now go visit the blogs and Etsy stores, heart them, follow them on Facebook and or Twitter and enter to win these fab prizes:

  • FIRST PLACE-$50 Store purchase from an Elite listed business and $150 cash.
  • SECOND PLACE-$50 purchase from an Elite listed business.
  • THIRD PLACE-$25 purchase from a Gold listed business.
You have almost three weeks to do all of the entries, so take your time, come back and make sure you fill them all out. If you find the form hiccups and doesn’t remember where you are, don’t worry; your ip addresses are collected and I can weed out the entries that are duplicated. There is a daily tweet option. I am not marking any of them mandatory on the form so you will be able to come back and do this with no problem; however, the mandatory entry is to leave a comment under this post saying which shop you would choose to spend your money in. You can do this at both blogs: Bree: What Matters to Bree and Makobi Scribe or just one if you so choose. You will be reminded of the option in the Rafflecopter form. This post will remain a sticky so it will be easy for you to return to.

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I am using the Rafflecopter form to gather entries. Comments made below this post will not count as entries. Rafflecopter is a beta software I am working with and would love your input. Leave any issues with the form below.
****If the form will not let you add your daily tweet, please fill out the main entry again with “DO NOT COUNT”  in the Extra Info box. It will then let you complete the daily tweet.

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