Save your office chair with a Smart Seat Chair Protector

The SmartSeat Chair Protector turned this wreck of an office chair into something I would not mind my grandma seeing. I know the first question you have is what happened? Jakobi and Mason is what. First a little hole. So, I covered it up with my favorite skirt from when I was a free, young hippie; then, Jakobi picked through that to get to his original project of getting to the fuzzies. Mason then joined in on the fun!

Protect Your Chair In the First Place

Think of how much easier it would have been for me to have just covered it before the damage happened? Look at how beautiful my chair is now that I put a chair cover on it. A lot prettier don’t you think?After

Recovering Your Office or Dining Room Chairs?

If you are sick of your office or dining room chairs and the way that they look, or they are in need of an extreme chair make over, SmartSeat Chair Protectors is an inexpensive way to achieve a sleek look. This can be an easy, do-it-yourself project and save you money on buying a new chair. The chair protector has adjustable seat straps on the bottom and can be easily fitted to most squarish chairs in minutes. It comes in metro black, midnight blue, sandstone tan, and chocolate brown. After using it for a few weeks it has stood up to both kids and the dog and still looks just like it does in the picture. What is really great is that I can take off this chair protector and throw it in the wash. You can buy it for just $19.98. Check out the SmartSeat blog, Facebook, and Twitter
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