Being at home and in your own environment is no guarantee that you can escape the effects of allergens, and if you are suffering from regular sneezes and sniffle’s, you need to find some ways of kicking those unwelcome allergens out.

There are plenty of people searching things like carpet cleaning atlanta, in order to find a solution to cleaning their house and fighting back against allergens, so in addition to regular carpet cleaning, here are some smart and simple ways to improve your home environment.

The Basics

The basic rule that you need to remember is that when it comes to tackling allergens, prevention is always better than the cure.

Your aim should be to take steps to avoid and reduce the very things that can trigger allergens in the first place, which means that you need to clean the house regularly, so that dust and mold can’t get a hold in your home.

As well as cleaning the carpets and your bedding frequently, keeping your home at a steady temperature between 68F and 72F and maintaining a low humidity level which does not exceed 50% will definitely help if you have asthma, allergic rhinitis or any other form of indoor allergens.

Good ventilation is also a big help and if you have a regular cleaning routine, this will help to reduce the prospect of suffering from the sort of allergic reaction that you can endure when exposed to dust and other contaminants.

Think About Your Environment

Where you live will make a difference to your exposure to sources and types of allergens in your area.

Check out the seasonal allergy threats that are known to exist in your particular area and think about how you deal with that threat and improve your environment in order to reduce the impact as much as possible.

Pollen is a big issue for many of us in the spring and it makes sense to discourage this common problem from making an impact in your home environment. Simple things like not planting trees too close to your home, as this will attract pollen, and weeping away moldy leaves before they build up, are just two strategies that are simple but effective.

Consider An Air Purifier

If you invest in a good quality air purifier, there is a reasonable prospect that this will help to purify your air enough to either eliminate or at least reduce the impact of allergens in your home.

If you are particularly vulnerable to pollen for example or just want to eliminate as many allergens in your indoor air as possible, it may be worth considering investing in a true HEPA filter.

These air purifiers could potentially eliminate as much as 99.9% of the tiny particles and allergens that are affecting your air quality. The carbon filters in a HEPA air filter should be checked and changed every 3-6 months in order to be fully effective.

Your Furnace Could Be A Problem

A furnace heating system in your home is a common source of dirt, pollens and dust in your home, so you may want to consider your heating options to see if you can improve your home environment.

A reliable furnace filter might be able to keep the pollutants at bay, provided you change the filter regularly to keep the performance level high. You could also consider the option of switching to an electric heating system.

An electric heating system can help if you are vulnerable to allergens, as it does not have a furnace and therefore does not create the same levels of dust and dirt.

Clean The Ducts

Another potential sources of pollutants are the ducts in your heating and cooling system.

It could be a good investment to hire a professional service in order to prevent dust and dirt accumulating and then being distributed around your home. If you do the job yourself or get someone in to do the work for you, don’t use any chemicals that could be harmful to the health of anyone in your home.

Pets At Home

Many of us share our home with a family pet, but this does present a challenge when it comes to allergens.

Avoid letting your pet into the bedroom, as their dander will manifest itself in your bed and carpets and curtains, no matter how clean they are. If you suffer in the company of pets but can’t bear to be without them for company, try to limit where they can go in the house and keep those areas as clear as possible, with regular vacuuming and cleaning.

Living with allergens in your home is something you don’t want to do, so take some simple and positive steps to keep your environment as clean and healthy as possible.

Adam Hess has been in a seasoned professional in the carpet cleaning industry serving the local Atlanta area. With a myriad of knowledge under his belt, he is able to effectively and efficiently solved carpet cleaning challenges.