gnome hunting

I am not a fan of the cold or snow, but it sure looks like fun through my kids eyes. Here they are looking for gnomes that live in this hole. Daddy found this little gnome home in the woods behind Vavoa and Papa’s house in Enfiled, New Hampshire. We traipsed through the snow looking for frozen fairies and making snow angels.

Snow angels

I remember the first time I saw snow, I wanted to make a snow angel too! Now my brain gets cold just watching them…lol. The boys sure had a blast and kept dropping down at random intervals to scatter angel love all over the front lawn.

kids making snow angels

You can always tell how much fun a child is having by the pure joy on their faces. Obviously with the grins ear to ear, my boys are experiencing pure bliss.

Snow ball fight

Snow ball fight!! They ganged up on Daddy and Mommy and let the snow fly! There was no where to hide, we we destined to get hit. It is an amazing thing to have so much fun and be so freezing cold at the same time. Can you tell I am a Florida girl?

Snowball play

Do you enjoy the snow? Would you like to keep it as a place to visit or would you like to live there year-round? Now I know why Florida is flocked with snow birds!!


  1. It’s always uplifting to see children having that much fun! I love, love, love the snow! Born in Michigan and dragged to Georgia, I miss it. We only see it every now and then. But, you can bet that when we do, I’m out in it dragging everybody with me!!

  2. I grew up in Chicago & we always had snow every year. Snow Angels I miss making them, but if I got down there I’m afraid I’d never get up. Those are some really happy pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I grew up about a half hour south of Enfield, in Newport. I live in Northern Maine now, it’s much colder and we often have a lot more snow. I miss NH!!!!

  4. we got 10 inches of snow here christmas day and the kids loved it….as least we didnt lose power like alot of people around here did. i do enjoy it too as long as it doesnt hang around very long

  5. My little ones loove the snow, too. I come from a cold country so I do not really mind, I just thought they will be more into hot weather as they grew up in a totally different place than I did.
    I love the pinguin hat 🙂

  6. It looks like someone had fun in the snow! I’m in Penacook, NH and we love the fresh snow as well but it’s been far too cold for outdoor play. I hear next week we should be back up into the 30’s so we’ll be back outdoors too.

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