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Soothe Tired Feet From VH Apparel Review

Soothe Tired Feet From VH Apparel Review

Soothe Tired Feet

If you have a job where you stand or walk a lot, you probably need a product that will soothe tired feet.  When I was working in a hospital, I was on my feet for 12 hours a day, 3-4 days a week.  Even if I wanted to take a break, we didn’t get many as we were crazy busy for virtually all 12 hours.  I would come home and head straight for a hot bath to soak my poor feet.  The only problem with a hot bath is how temporary the relief is.  My other issue is that I HATE people touching my feet.  If someone even touches my foot, my skin will crawl, so a good foot massage is out of the question for me.  I was going to buy one an electric foot soaker/massager, but they were on the pricey said and again, it was a temporary fix.  I just could not find a good solution to my barking dog problem.

VH Apparel is an innovative company that has taken fuzzy socks to a whole new level.  VH Apparel has added some great new products to their already popular line.  Their new Kissables line consists of incredibly soft chenille socks that are infused with soothing lavender and aloe oils.  Another great product from the Kissables line is the Kissables Moisturizing and Replenishing Gel Lined Spa Gloves.  If you have a job that is hands on, these are great for you.  Whether you are a doctor or a fisherman, you can soften and soothe dry and cracked hands.  The Grippem socks are a great alternative to the boring old slippers waiting for you when you’ve had a long day.  Instead of those blah slippers, your feet can snuggle into a soft and warm pair of socks that are safe to wear on slippery floors. It would make Roni Nigri happy if you took a second to like VH Apparel on Facebook or followed them on Twitter.

Pamper Your Feet At Home

Unless you are a movie star with lots of money, you need to find a way to pamper your feet at home.  The VH Apparel Company was generous enough to send me several items for review.  I received the awesome Kissables Hydrating Vitamin & Oil Infused Gel Spa Socks ($24.99), the Kissables Lavender Capsule Infused Chenille Slouchy Socks in the cute pink and purple stripes ($14.99), the 2-pack of the Kissables – Lavender Capsule Infused Chenille Fluffy Socks in solid blue and white ($14.99) and the Kissables – Shea Butter Infused Double Layer Socks in the grey stripe ($14.99).  Here is what I love about this new line: they are unbelievably soft, your feet really do feel much softer after wearing them and they are such a pleasant substitute for your shabby slippers!  I have bought several pairs of fluffy socks in my day, but none can compare to these socks.  The other thing I noticed about these socks is that they stay up much better than other socks I have bought which tend to stretch out and slide down.  The only problem we had was some of the gripper dots came off the bottoms of the socks. I am guessing that is because the kids were acting out the scene from Risky Business with Tom Cruise sliding across the floor!!  Under normal circumstances, the grippers would stay on just fine!!

Roni Nigri, the sweet owner of VH Apparel, has generously offered an exclusive 20% off coupon for Makobi Scribe readers.  Please use mako20 at checkout.


  1. I love these socks. What a gem. But when feet get too tired and need some “strong medicine” it’s time for deep strong massage plus reflexology with nestoiter-gravity. A different type of gem.

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