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Spa Day For Mothers Day From Bella II Fiore Review

Spa Day For Mothers Day

With life’s hectic pace and all the jobs mom juggles, she deserves a spa day for Mothers Day.  I have always wanted to go to a spa and treat myself to a completely indulgent me day away from home.  There are two glitches in my plan; we don’t have a spa package in the budget and I am so ticklish that I wouldn’t be able to lay still!!  If you are like me and wish you could treat yourself but can’t, maybe there is another solution.  What if you could find a company that provided spa day gift packages and other yummy bath and cosmetic items at resonable prices?  That way you could have the benefits of spa quality products without spending the high dollars at a day spa. Well, Happy Mother’s Day to you because I found just that!

Bella II Fiore was created 11 years ago, by Jennifer Maloy, a former bath and beauty product junkie who was looking for a creative and wearable line.  Jennifer’s vision was to create a group of a few key items to keep your beauty regim simple yet  glamorous.  With Bella II Fiore you will find products with incredibly rich colors and ingredients that are all wrapped up in precious packaging.  In the Bella II Fiore line you will find fantastic lip glosses, face and eye palettes that will fit easily in your clutch or cosmetic bag.  With their luxurious bath and body products, you can take a well-deserved soak in the tub and let all your stress go down the drain.  You can find the Bella II Fiore products in boutiques across the country as well in several well-known spas.

Boutique Products For Less

I was asked to review the spa package and was more than happy to take that off their hands!  I hate to admit I am used to buying my “spa” items from the Acme Discount Store, so the quality is not the best.  The kit from Bella II Fiore is just perfect for a girl’s day of pampering.  The package came with an adorable floral cosmetic bag, soft and fluffy flip flop slippers, a plush quilted headband and lip gloss (total retail value of $55.50).  With my daughter visiting from Atlanta, I thought it would be fun to have a spa day together.  I need to warn you before you decide you want any of the Bella II Fiore products.  You will not want to go back to reality after spoiling yourself with Jennifer’s products!  The slippers are by far the best thing I have ever put my feet in and they are perfect for wearing after a pedicure.  When I wash my face at night, I usually just use a bobby pin which isn’t the most effective tool.  The quilted headband is just the thing I have needed.  It keeps your hair from getting wet but it is soft and will not irritate your skin.  This package is really just the thing for a gift for any occasion.


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