BOB Strollers is awesome! They are offering a Pick-your-vacation Sweepstakes! AND to sweeten the deal, they are offering you a chance to win a $100 Spa Finders gift card just for entering the sweepstakes! Crazy and Fun!! What are you waiting for? Get started below!


  1. I picked the beach vacation. Looks like everyone else did too. Thanks! hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  2. learned that it is a very versatile stroller that easy conquers all sorts of terrains

  3. I live in FL and grew up with the beach so I chose the Mountain getaway! Looks so peaceful and fun!

  4. I learned that this stroller would work out perfectly for my two boys but it was out of my price-range! Wish I could win one!

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  6. I learned that it’s lightweight and has a wrist-strap 🙂 Like the look of it as well!

  7. It’s the Beach Getaway for me. I’m a SCUBA diver stuck in the middle of the USA about as far from the ocean as a human could be, so I always pick where ever the blue water is.

  8. It is a tough decision between the mountains and the beach… but since I already live so close to the coast and far away from the mountains, I’d have to say the mountain one!

  9. The Duallie is lightweight & folds very easily which is what I need love the beach trip

  10. I learned that BOB is the name for a bike trailer built by one of the founders of the company.

  11. I learned that B.O>B> would totally work on my dirt, gravel road where we only wish for sidewalks!

  12. WOW! I learned that the Duallie can handle 110 pounds! I could put my ten-year-old in there when she’s feeling lazy 🙂

  13. I’d love the mountain giveaway. Time to unplug and reconnect with my family.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. I learned that this stroller is totally COOL! rough terrain and no sidewalks in half this town can be a struggle. But I totally love the way the handle to attach to a bike….AWESOME!!! Can I have one to ride me around???

  15. I learned that the seats on the stroller are recline-able, which is great if the kids want to nap! Wish my stroller had that feature!

  16. I decided on the Beach Getaway – although the Mountain vacation would be a close second. But I think with the ages of our kids, the beach would work better. 🙂 Thanks!

  17. This stroller is easy to steer with its swiveling front wheel, which you can lock when you are traveling over rougher ground.

  18. I learned that I defintly should invest in a durable doub le stroller for my 2 toddlers! the Bob looks great but i just wish it was a bit cheaper.. i like that the review was honest and showed the kids in the stroller.. that gives me an idea how my kids would fit.

  19. I discovered that YOU discovered just how nice a stroller like this is “off road”. One of my daughters has a jogging stroller and ever since Itried it, I WANT one badly. I have a gravel road and NO other sort of strollers work well on it. I need one of Bob’s strollers really bad.

  20. I picked Mountain.. only because I have been to the beach already twice in the past year! hahah And summer.. is TOO HOT for some beaches.. Mountains are the way to to go to get away from the heat.

  21. I learned that the stroller is easy to steer with its swiveling front wheel, which you can lock when you are traveling over rougher ground

  22. I chose the beach getaway and I learned that the stroller has a swiveling front wheel you can lock on rough terrain. I’m glad it works in rough terrain at all!

  23. I learned that the stroller comes with wrist straps as well. and the handle is nicely padded

  24. Now I know why they’re called BOB. And not only that but the wrist straps will come in handy. One other thing I like about the stroller is the good canopies.

  25. I learned that this would have been a lifesaver for when my sister’s two girls were little (there is less than a year’s difference in their ages)

  26. I learned that the stroller is a great lightweight necessity if you have 2 young children.

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