Sparkling Spring Water

Sparkling Spring Water

Do you prefer to drink tap water or sparkling spring water? I know many people don’t like their water flavored or fizzy, but I am getting close to having an addiction. I do not like flavored water if it isn’t fizzy and I think that stems from my diet soda addiction. My kids love water over many other drinks, which makes me happy. I on the other hand can’t do plain old water, even if it is bottled. A friend from school got me started on the flavored fizzy water when I told her I was drinking so much soda. Now my passion for soda and fizzy water are pretty balanced. One thing I have never  paid attention to is where the water comes from or if it is healthy or not. Many companies use aspartame in their flavored water, which gives me really bad migraines. The only artificial sweetener I can use is splenda which you can’t find as easily.
Sparkling Ice is a line of good for you fizzy water that is sweetened with Splenda. A division of Talking Rain, Sparkling Ice is packed full of B and D vitamins as well as antioxidants, all of which are so good for you. Vitamin B helps your body get energy from food; Vitamin D is good for bone density (which is especially important for us older ladies) and antioxidants that come from caffeine free green tea. Antioxidants are vital for your health as they fight off all the bad stuff that tries to attack your body. The Talking Rain water comes from an Artesian Spring, which originates from the nearby Cascade Mountains. Oh, did I fail to mention how delicious the sparking Ice water is? Sorry. I got distracted as I was taking a sip of my Lemonade Sparking Ice.

Healthy Water For Your Family

If your kids love water as much as mine do, you probably try to buy healthy water for your family. When I am buying water for my own family, I take several things into consideration. I want water that is pure, has no additives (at least not the bad ones) and tastes great. That is a pretty tall order to fill when there are so many unhealthy bottled waters out there. I was asked to review the Sparkling Ice flavored sparkling water ($12.47 for 18, 17 oz. bottles) and it is DELICIOUS! You can choose from 8 yummy flavors that includes orange mango (Henry’s favorite), Black Raspberry (Caitlin’s favorite), and my favorite is the lemonade. You know how other flavored water has a weird after taste (is it just me?!) Well Sparling Ice only leaves you wanting more and at about $0.69 per bottle, how can you not give in.

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