spider man stunt city

“Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can.  Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies.  Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman. “

Playskool Heroes Spider-Man Stunt Set will allow your kiddos to have Spider-Man scaling walls, performing web climbs and performing an amazing flip on to the roof all in the name of justice.  Actually, with the Stunt Set Spider-Man can perform seven stunts all while trying to save the city from Lizard.  He can dodge a surprise attack from the villain, ride to the rescue on his motorcycle, and more. You can see Mason zooming the motorcycle around the playset having a jolly time!

Super Hero Playset

Super Hero Playset

This super hero playset features a motorized climbing wall flashes lights while the music plays when Spider-Man climbs it.  Mason was quite surprised when the playset turned on – look at his face. He can dodge villains, climb upside-down on a window ledge, and slide down the ramp.  Kids will love playing with this action hero while he scans the city for the Lizard.  There is plenty of creative play to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Mason had a blast pulling the levers and pointing out where the lizard was! He was just amazed with that.

playtime with toddlers

When playtime is done, this set packs up neatly since there is a storage spot for the motorcycle and the set itself folds up.  This set is based on the storybook titled Lizard’s Lost Treasure, which is included with this set to add to the creative play.   Also, besides the featured lights and sounds that are activated during Super-Man’s wall climb, you will also hear some of his favorite phrases.

Playskool is owned by Hasbro, which was founded in 1923.  Since that time they have expanded into 123 countries, have more that 1,500 Hasbro brands, and earned $3 Billion worldwide at the box office from their first four theatrical motion pictures.  They now have a total of 10 motion pictures to add to their list of credentials.

You can find more information on the Spider Man Stunt Set at HasbroToyShop where it sells for $54.99.  This set is appropriate for ages 3 years and above.