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Springfest Music Festival FAQ

Every spring there is a festival held in Live Oak, Florida at the Suwanee Music Park called Suwanee Springfest. It is a fun-filled weekend at the beginning of Spring for campers, fun-goers and music lovers! You can see who played most recently at the March 2015 festival in my post Announcing the Suwanee Springfest 2015 Lineup. Some attendees camp like we did in the primitive camping while others choose to glamp in their RVs.

Like every adventure, there are usually questions needing answers, so I created this Suwanee Springfest FAQ for you to refer to when I just know you will join me next year!

Suwanee Springfest FAQ

1 What should I bring?

When we pack for Springfest, we bring everything but the kitchen sink! Pack like you are going camping, then add all your childhood toys, instruments and sports equipment.

2 Are there wild animals?

You never know what kind of crazy cats are up in the trees. Your best bet is to keep a wary eye above you at all times!

3 Is Springfest kid friendly?

Heck yeah! They even have a special kids tent so they can do activities with their peers instead of hanging out with their boring parents!

4 Where do I sit to watch the music?

You can sit anywhere you want. Really! This is a picture of my hammock, however, I did not know the gentleman in it (yet). It is a really cool idea. Everyone shares. If you are occupying another’s space, you just get up when they come back.

5 How do you get around the grounds?

Sometimes the walk from the shower to the campground can be a tad far for some. No worries, Suwanee is bike-friendly. There are many a festival-goer who pedal through the park as well as wagon, golf cart and use the shoe leather express.

6 What if I need clothes or want to buy souvenirs ?

There are many vendor tents spread far and wide for your purchasing needs

7 Are there bugs?

You might say there are no more or less bugs than any other camping ground. I suggest you not stand on the ant hills.

8 Are there any rules?

Of course there are rules! They are pretty easy, and they are posted!

9 What is there to do?

There is plenty to do. You can sit and listen to music, hula hoop, lay in the leaves or do nothing. It is so much fun, you’ll want to try it all.

10 How beautiful is it?

The river is peaceful. It is a beautiful view everyone should take the time to experience.

Does this sound like a fun time to you? You should totally get on board and join me at Magnolia Festival which is the next festival in line! It is October 15-18! See you there! For a guy’s point of view on the festival, check out Nail Travels Springfest post.

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