get the morning energy you need

There is nothing worse than the first few weeks of the back to school grind. Getting your kids back into a routine that makes sense is the equivalent of pulling out your hair, one strand at a time! Getting them up, dressed, fed and on their way makes for one heck of a hectic morning. It isn’t until you are in the car on the way to work that you realize that you completely forgot to eat something. I can honestly say that I am in this predicament quite frequently. Chasing my 3 year old on top of being pregnant is like a a double whammy on my mom brain.

Even though I’m well into my 3rd trimester, that hollow stomach feeling still gets me feeling sick in the mornings. I’ve come up with a solution, or a #MorningWin. I’ve taken to keeping a box of belVita Breakfast Biscuits in the glove box of my car. These breakfast biscuits are the perfect solution for me. For one, I love chocolate! So the fact that belVita is able to sneak chocolate into my breakfast makes my heart happy.

Do you have a #MorningWin that you are proud of? BelVita wants to hear about it, and you can win a prize for sharing! Just log on to the new Morning Win swag shop from 9am until 1pm between 9/15 and 9/19, pick out a piece of BelVita swag that you would like to win and then tweet #MorningWin and that prize’s specific hashtag. You can win everything from sunglasses to coffee mugs! Be sure you are following belVita on Twitter for all of their latest and greatest news and contest information!

What was your most recent #MorningWin?