Learning is a never ending adventure for our children. They are a bottomless chasm to filled with the wonderful and exciting new things on a daily basis. Learning takes place at all times, even when they are playing. I actually find playtime to be one the best times for teachable moments with my child. Anytime I get a chance to enjoy some one on one with her playing games outside, reading inside or just hanging out and working on a puzzle together, I relish that opportunity. I find it important to keep our children’s minds actively engaged in learning when they aren’t in school, as it keeps them sharp on learning retention and eager to keep learning. Now as we get back into the school routine there is no better time to reinforce their learning habits and your commitment to their education. Pete the Cat is ready to jump in with you and get your kids in the back to school mode.


A Different Kind Of Point & Click Learning With Pete The Cat

  • Active Involvement: Pete is one rocking cat. He knows how to get the kids involved in learning and keep it fun. He uses a point and click system for answering the questions, just not the kind you’re thinking of.  An interactive pen with correct and incorrect responses indicators adds a tactile involved feeling to the learning.
  • Challenging Lessons: Some of the lessons are probably already being learned by our kids in school, but they will still be challenged by others. Some of the lessons will have only one answer and others will have multiple answers. It’s up to the kids to figure out which one it is, with a little guidance of course.
  • Learning Reinforcement: Petes eyes light up green and he plays an upbeat rocking little diddy when they get the question right, but if they’re incorrect his eyes will light up red with an offbeat little guitar rip. The greatest reward though is letting your kids pick from the page of stickers that comes with it to load up the front and back of the books to recognize their hard work and determination.


Let’s be honest. Kids love to learn new things. It doesn’t matter if they are doing it by themselves or with the help of mommy and daddy. Even though I found some of the lessons to be above my childs level, as she is in pre-k and I had the kindergarten level lessons, there is no denying that she accepted the challenge with gusto.  I found with only a little coaching on the more challenging lessons, she was able to figure out what the objective is and quickly start working on the solution. I’m not kidding when I say you could see her mind working it out.

Overall I found Pete the Cat to be a challenging yet fun way for our kids to either learn new lessons or brush up on the things they may have already learned. If you haven’t checked him out yet, I strongly suggest you do. Pete the Cat is available from Educational Insights where they have a wide variety of themes and levels for all of our kids learning needs.

How do you challenge your childs mind?