Stay Connected With A Portable Charger For Mobile Devices

To call my family a tech loving bunch would be a huge understatement! We have televisions, computers, tablets, gaming systems, smartphones and more! Even my kids are tech savvy with their kid’s tablets and art station. If we are out running errands, I will at least have my smartphone and my husband will have his. If we are going to be gone for a stretch of time, the kids may have their tablets to keep them occupied. When I am traveling, I usually take my laptop as well as my tablet and of course, my smartphone. The trick to keeping us all up and running is a portable charger for mobile devices that has enough juice for us! With the products from IOGEAR, you can bet you will never be left with a mobile device that has run out of power.

Portable Charger For Mobile Devices

One of the worst feelings when you are on the road is trying to use a mobile device and find it has no charge left. This situation can go from irritating to an emergency, depending on your circumstances. I cannot imagine having my car break down and reaching for my phone, only to find it is dead. In order to avoid that happening, you need to find a portable charger for mobile devices that can handle your needs. With the awesome IOGEAR GearPower, you get a fantastic mobile power station that will never leave you stranded. I was sent the GearPower, which is part of the IOGEAR portable battery line. This sleek and kind of sexy product provides you with 11,000mAh, which is an incredibly high amount of power. The GearPower earned the nickname of “The 10k” and does the double duty of extending your mobile device battery as well as a battery charger. The GearPower charges your devices quickly, has dual USB outputs, which allows you to charge 2 devices at once.

With the built in short circuit and temperature protection, there is no need to worry about burning it up!If you happen to be stuck somewhere that has no A/C outlets, the GearPower is totally up for the task. It is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices, mp3 players and digital cameras. When I am on a business trip, I use 3-4 different mobile devices and the GearPower is perfect for my needs. If I am in a convention center where I cannot easily plug in and charge, I can just pull out the GearPower and I am ready to go. I love that! It is small enough to slip into my bag and is lightweight enough that it does not weigh me down. No matter your power or battery needs, this is the perfect solution to keep you going! You can purchase the GearPower from the IOGEAR website for $59.95, along with all of their other fine products.